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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and those who know some of the most well-kept secrets of Ravenloft know it can be hazardous to be public with their knowledge. Such individuals often band together to share their forgotten secrets or carry out their hidden agendas. It is not known just how many secret societies exist within the land of mists (they are, after all, secret societies), but here is a sampling of a few rumored to exist in Barovia:

The Ba'al Verzi

The Ba’al Verzi are the very same assassins Leo Dilisnya employed to kill Strahd I many centuries ago. It is believed that they have survived in hiding to this day. Rumor has it that they will assassinate anyone for a price, save Count Strahd. Why this is so has not been explained, and few who deal with these legendary killers-for-hire are willing to ask why.

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The Dawnslayers

The Dawnslayers have never been confirmed to exist, but are allegedly a secret vanguard of the Cult of the Morninglord. Rumors persist that this group relentlessly destroys undead creatures, but inexplicably shows mercy to lycanthropes.

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The Fraternity of Shadows

The Fraternity of Shadows is purported to be a loose alliance of magicians dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of Ravenloft. Supposedly, they believe this land to be unique among other worlds, and seek to use their knowledge to gain mastery over the Land of Mists.

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The Red Vardo Traders

The Red Vardo Traders are a group of mercenary salvagers famous (or perhaps infamous) for their ruthlessness and efficiency. They are extremely secretive in their operations, and many believe they employ supernatural abilities to get the job done.

There may yet be more groups who covet eldritch knowledge within Barovia’s borders, but if so, they have managed to hide their secrets from prying eyes.

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