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  The Ancestral Choir:
  • Worship Centers: Kartakass
  • References: Ravenloft Gazateer I
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Cleric Domains: Luck, Knowledge
  • Symbol: A flute; clerics “present” their symbols by playing them
  • Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
Notes: This Kartakan cult believes their revered ancestors not only watch over their descendants, but can intervene on their behalf as well. Offering proper respect to one’s ancestors earns one divine favor in life and secures a place in the Ancestral Choir after death. All cult members must have clear singing voices and are expected to sing praising songs called “mora,” dedicated to their ancestors, once a week.

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The Akiri (Egyptian) Pantheon:
  • Worship Centers: Har’Akir, Sebua, secretly worshipped in Pharazia
  • References: Domains of Dread, Touch of Death, Darklords, 3ed ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Deities & Demigods
  • Alignment: varies; Ra is Lawful Good, Osiris is Neutral Good, Set is Lawful Evil
  • Cleric Domains: varies; Ra - Air, Good, Law, Sun, War. Osiris - Good, Protection, Water, Earth, Plant. Set – Death, Evil, Trickery, Destruction, Strength.
  • Symbol: varies; Ra – an ankh superimposed on a solar disk. Osiris – crossed flail and staff. Set – A coiled cobra.
  • Favored Weapon: varies; Ra – falchion. Osiris – light flail. Set – short sword.
Notes: The Amber Wastes hold these ancient gods in fear and awe. Three of their many gods are of significance: Ra, Osiris, and Set. Ra is both king and father of the gods, and represents the sun. Mortal rulers can only do so with Ra’s blessing. Osiris, once killed by his own brother and then resurrected by Ra, rules the world of the afterlife. He also controls the springs of the desert. Set is the sinister deity who slew his brother Osiris, yet managed to endure the wrath of the other gods. He is the deity of deceit and destruction, and his minions include crocodiles, poisonous snakes, jackals, and scorpions. For more deities of the Egyptian Pantheon, consult Deities & Demigods.

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The Celtic Pantheon:
  • Worship Centers: Forlorn, Tepest, Avonleigh, Shadowborn Manor, Nidala
  • Reference: Castles Forlorn, Servants of Darkness, Shadowborn, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer I
  • Alignments: Varies; Belenus – Neutral Good. Arawn – Neutral Evil. Brigantia – Lawful Good. Daghda – Chaotic Good. Diancecht – Neutral Good. Lugh - Chaotic Neutral. Manannan mac Lir - Lawful Neutral. Math Mathonwy – Lawful Evil. Morrigan – Chaotic Evil
  • Cleric Domains: Varies; Belenus - Fire, Good, Sun. Arawn – Death, Evil. Brigantia – Animal, Good, Protection. Daghda – Good, Plant, Trickery. Diancecht – Good, Healing. Lugh - Chaos, Knowledge, Magic. Manannan mac Lir - Animal, Law, Water. Math Mathonwy – Knowledge, Magic. Morrigan – Destruction, Evil, War.
  • Symbols: Varies; Belenus - a “Celtic”-style Golden sunburst. Arawn – skull wearing antlered helm. Brigantia – woman holding a hammer. Daghda – cauldron. Diancecht – leaf. Lugh - Eight-pointed star. Manannan mac Lir - Fish. Math Mathonwy – iron scepter. Morrigan – crossed swords.
  • Favored Weapons: Varies; Belenus – sickle. Arawn – scythe. Brigantia – warhammer. Daghda – club. Diancecht – dagger. Math Mathonwy – quarterstaff. Morrigan – greatsword.
Notes: In Tepest and Nidala, Belenus is worshipped exclusively over other gods of the pantheon, while in Forlorn all the gods are worshipped. Tepest and Nidala are known to be intolerant; Tepestanis are intolerant of everything they deem to be “fey,” including elves, half-elves, calibans, and even sorcerors, and execute them in holy inquisitions; Nidalans view Belenus as their “one true god,” and persecute all other religions. The Forfarians hold both Belenus and Daghda as important, and are served by druids. Forfarians believe that after death the souls of the good and just pass westward to the Isles of the Blessed, while wicked souls descend through the Maw of Arawn into the bleak islands of Annwn.

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The Church of Bane (Church of the Lawgiver):
  • Worship Centers: Hazlan, Nova Vaasa
  • Reference: Domains of Dread, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer 1
  • Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil
  • Cleric Domains: Death, Evil, Law, War
  • Symbol: A stout iron spear, bound in coils of bronze
  • Favored Weapon: Whip
Notes: (This religion was imported from the Forgotten Realms® setting, though the god has been somewhat “watered down” in Ravenloft.) Bane has many titles, including the Lawgiver, the Iron Tyrant, and the Black Lord. His religion rewards blind obedience and asserts the divine providence of kings. Rigid social stratification is enforced and the Church forbids inter-ethnic and inter-racial marriages. Clerics must perform all holy rites in Vaasi. The Church of Bane is the state religion of Hazlan and Nova Vaasa.

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The Church of Ezra:
  • Worship Centers: Many, but large temples are located in Levkarest (Borca), Port-a-Lucine (Dementlieu), Mordentshire (Mordent) and Nevuchar Springs (Darkon).
  • Reference: Domains of Dread, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting
  • Alignments: Lawful Neutral, though a Lawful Good sect exists in Mordent, a Lawful Evil sect exists in Darkon, and a True Neutral sect exists in Dementlieu
  • Cleric Domains: Destruction, Healing, Law, Protection
  • Symbol: A silver longsword superimposed on an alabaster kite shield and adorned with a sprig of belladonna
  • Favored Weapon: Longsword
Notes: This religion formed over ninety years ago when Yakov Dilisnya claimed that a divine entity called Ezra, Our Guardian in the Mists, had given him a message to spread to the world that she was once a virtuous mortal woman who surrendered her mortality to the Mists to become a guardian of mankind. Clerics of Ezra are called anchorites, and each sect has different goals for their anchorites to achieve. The original Lawful Neutral sect of Borca, called the Home Faith, charges its anchorites with protecting and healing the faithful. The Lawful Good sect of Mordent adds that their anchorites must convert as many souls as possible to the Church for their own good. The True Neutral sect of Dementlieu believes that Ezra was a goddess who abandoned her shallow bretheren to aid mortals, and their anchorites spend their days contemplating the true nature of their goddess. The Lawful Evil sect of Darkon prophesies a coming apocalyptic event they call the Time of Unparalleled Darkness, and they claim that those who do not accept Ezra into their hearts will be consumed by the darkness of the Armageddon to come.

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The Cult of the Morninglord:
  • Worship Centers: Barovia
  • References: Domains of Dread, Vampire of the Mists, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer 1
  • Aligment: Chaotic Good
  • Cleric Domains: Good, Luck, Protection, Sun
  • Symbol: A simple, rose-tinted disc of gold
  • Favored Weapon: Spear
Notes: (This religion is also imported from the Forgotten Realms® setting, in the form of the deity Lathander Morninglord. The name “Lathander” is not used here, and there are some subtle differences in the belief system as well). The Cult of the Morninglord was founded around 475 BC by the outlander Matryn Pelkar, who claimed that the Morninglord appeared to him in physical form and saved him from a pack of vampires. Based on this encounter, the Cult depicts the Morninglord as a luminous sylvan humanoid, similar to an elf. Although his body is formed of soft, glowing light, his face is smeared with blood, which the cult says is a sign that even the greatest good may hold some evil stain and even the most depraved evil may contain a spark of goodness. They believe that no matter how dark the night, the dawn will come and that the Morninglord will one day return to lead the world into daylight. Presumably, when this happens the Morninglord's mouth would be wiped clean; clerics often use the phrase, "Thy lips be cleansed" in hopes of this day. The Morninglord asks little of his followers, save that they treat each other with kindness and retain hope in their hearts. This has given the Cult great appeal to the downtrodden of Barovia, particularly among the Gundarakites. The cult may be more than just an optimistic message. One of its founders was a hunter of the undead, and it is possible that secret teaching have been passed down to clerics to battle vampires and their ilk.

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The Divinity of Mankind
  • Worship Centers: Paridon
  • References: Van Richten's Arsenal
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Cleric Domains: Knowledge, Law, Strength
  • Symbol: A highly stylized human figure within a squared circle
  • Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Notes: This is the dominant religion of Paridon. All members of the clergy are referred to as "celebrants of humanity." Most clergymembers are monks, while a few become clerics. Monks focus on releasing untapped potential, while clerics focus on releasing the spiritual power flowing from all humans. Clerics of the Divinity of Mankind are asthetics, and believe that deities are purely mythical fabrications of humans who are unprepared to accept their ascendancy. As can be guessed, only humans are allowed into the clergy. Nonhumans are seen as lesser beings.

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The Eternal Order:
  • Worship Centers: Darkon
  • References: Death Ascendant, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer II
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Cleric Domains: Death, Evil, Knowledge
  • Symbol: A hooded human skull
  • Favored Weapon: Scythe
Notes: Some 60 or so years ago, Azalin Rex codified Darkonian folklore into a state religion. This folklore states that Darkon was originally inhabited by the dead, but the living stole the land from them and banished the dead into the Gray Realm. It is prophesied that one day the dead will return to reclaim their land and enact their revenge upon the living. This event is called the Hour of Ascension. Several events over the past few decades have been claimed by the Eternal Order to be the Hour of Ascension, including the Great Upheaval and the Requiem. In the aftermath of the Requiem, in which a wave of negative energy destroyed the Darkonian capital city of Il Aluk, transforming it into a city of undead now called Necropolis, the church officials of the Eternal Order blamed the events on the lack of faith of the Darkonian people—which only caused the people to abandon this religion en masse. While the Eternal Order may be failing as an organized religion, its underlying superstitions remain quite strong amongst the populace of Darkon. The clerics of the Eternal Order worship a variety of death gods liberally borrowed from other religions. The religion revolves around various rituals aimed at pleasing the dead and delaying the Hour of Ascension.

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The Faith of the Overseer:
  • Worship Centers: Western Darkon
  • References: Bleak House, Ravenloft Gazetteer II
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Cleric Domains: Good, Law, Protection
  • Symbol: Two circles within two squares, forming an abstract sun
  • Favored weapon: Longsword
Notes: This small religion was founded in Matira Bay around 100 years ago. It stresses community and the hope that divine justice for all is possible in a world that often seems unfair. The religion is centered in the Darkonian city of Matira Bay and is led by High Priest Derakoth. They believe that the Overseer does not grant boons, but is witness to all the actions of one’s life and therefore rights any past wrongs in the afterlife. Mortals are expected to offer aid to others whenever possible, and likewise accept aid when it is given. The faith of the Overseer forbids idolatry, so there are no images of the Overseer in any temples or religious texts.

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  • Worship Centers: Mordent, Falkovnia
  • References: Children of the Night: Vampires, Chilling Tales, Van Richten’s Guide to the Witch, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer III
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Cleric Domains: Healing, Magic, Plant
  • Symbol: A ring formed by thirteen serpents, each devouring the tail of the one before it.
  • Favored Weapon: Dagger
Notes: The holy text of the faith of Hala, Tales of the Ages, states that the world was created from the mists of Chaos by nine gods who then withdrew to allow mortals to find their own way. The mortals, however lacked wisdom, and thus filled the world with pain and anguish. Hala, one of the nine gods who created the world, returned to ease the suffering of mortals. She gathered 13 men and 13 women and taught them the secrets of the Weave, from which all magic stems. The magic of the Weave, also known as witchcraft, has unfortunately been branded by superstition and fear, mainly due to actions of hags, the most notorious practitioners of witchcraft. The mystical Church of Hala is highly secretive because of this, though its witch-clerics operate a number of hospices throughout the Core, offering rest and healing to all to come to them in need.

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The Rajian (Indian) Pantheon:
  • Worship Centers: Sri Raji
  • References: Web of Illusion, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting
  • Alignment: varies; Kali – Chaotic Evil. Tvashtri – Chaotic Good.
  • Cleric Domains: varies; Kali – Destruction, Evil, Healing, Trickery. Tvashtri – Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Plant.
  • Symbol: varies; Kali – skulls strung together on a leather necklace. Tvashtri – A pinwheel fan.
  • Favored Weapon: varies; Kali – katar. Tvashtri – sap.
Notes: Sri Rajians worship a wide variety of deities with such complex relationships that it is often difficult for outsiders to understand their religion. One of the most basic tenets of the Rajian belief structure is reincarnation. They believe that the mortal world is one of pain and suffering to be endured by countless births, deaths, and rebirths until one’s permanent soul has achieved perfection and can escape to eternal paradise. The two most significant gods of the pantheon are Kali and Tvashtri. Kali, the Black Mother, is goddess of both destruction and creation. She revels in the destruction she causes, yet creates life from death. Her cult, the Dark Sisters, offer up a human sacrifice to her on a daily basis, the ritual overseen by their leader, Arijani. Tvashtri, the god of industry and invention, has both a city and a university named after him. His namesake university may be the greatest center of learning in the Land of Mists, and also the most remote.

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Nerull (Erlin):
  • Worship Centers: Barovia/Gundarak
  • References: Domains of Dread, Ravenloft Gazetteer I, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, Deities & Demigods
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Cleric Domains: Chaos, Death, Evil, Trickery
  • Symbol: A sickle crossed with a hog-slaughtering knife, both stained with blood and overlaying an orb of night sky, glittering with stars. Alternatively, a skull and scythe.
  • Favored Weapon: Scythe
Notes: This Gundarakite death god was both sanctioned and encouraged by Duke Gundar when he ruled the lands that were once Gundarak. He is believed to be a very ancient deity, perhaps a corruption of Irlek-Khan, the demonic entity worshipped by the Neureni hordes who once conquered Barovia eons ago. He is portrayed as a trickster who created death as a deception, and delegated his duties to a host of demons. His neglect of his duties allows the dead to escape, thus creating the undead. Outlanders claiming to be from a world called “Oerth” paint a very different picture of the god: they claim on their world, Nerull is a widely known and widely feared deity who finds all living things an affront to his being, and his worshippers murder and slay as many as possible to appease the fearsome reaper. Worship of Nerull (mispronounced as “Erlin” by Barovians, due to their erroneus belief that he is the same as the ancient Neureni demon Irlek-Khan) nearly disappeared when Strahd von Zarovich annexed Gundarak in the aftermath of the Great Upheaval, but has recently been cast by the Gundarakite rebels as just one more element of Gundarakite culture being systematically crushed by Barovian oppression. Nerull might have only served as a political symbol if not for the rebel Emanuel Maryszkas who, in 754 BC called upon the power of Nerull to save him from the Barovian militiamen giving him chase. His calls were answered when waves of unholy fear swept over his pursuers. Emanuel is now the leader of the cult of Nerull in Barovia, and is seeking an alliance with the greater Gundarakite rebellion movement.

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The Wolf God:
  • Worship Centers: Verbek
  • References: Realm of Terror, Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Domains of Dread, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer IV
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Cleric Domains: Animal, Chaos, Strength, Trickery
  • Symbol: A snarling wolf’s head or a single, bloody paw print
  • Favored Weapon: None. Those who cannot attack with tooth and claw are prey.
Notes: The Wolf God is almost exclusively worshipped by werewolves, and the few non-werewolves who worship it are clearly insane. The Wolf God represents everything the humans of Verbrek fear in nature, and while they do not worship him, they respect his power and that of his children, and often make efforts to appease the ravenous bestial god and his lycanthrope children. The Wolf God’s werewolf followers, those who truly worship him, believe that wolves are divine creatures and that all other predatory animals—especially humans—are abominations that must be destroyed.

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Yutow the Peacebringer:
  • Worship Centers: Valachan
  • References: Dungeon Magazine #50: “Felkovic’s Cat”, Ravenloft Gazetteer IV
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Cleric Domains: Animal, Law, Plant, Protection
  • Symbol: A silver circle split by a vertical diamond, representing both the phases of the moon and a cat’s eye.
  • Favored Weapon: Sickle
Notes: The Valachani people state that their land was originally inhabited by a race of dark-skinned humans who lived at one with nature, and were guided by a green sylvan deity called Yutow. Their peaceful days ended when the tan-skinned Vaasi people invaded and brought “civilization” with them. Yutow, being a nature god, was powerless to help his people until the panther, the wisest of all animals, suggested that Yutow merge the two people into one. Yutow accomplished this, creating the Valachani of today, but in doing so caused his own life to end. The Valachani state that Yutow is indisputably dead, yet still conscious and guiding his people from the moon. The Dead God’s servants are panther spirits and those who bear their blood. The religion is monotheisitic, and other religions are called false by Yutow’s worshippers. The religion states that followers of Yutow must not question his motives or mandates; they must uncomplainingly undergo trials in their lives to prove themselves worthy to him. Those who do so are granted immortality as a nature spirit, while those who fail are reincarnated to suffer again until they learn their lessons. Followers of Yutow believe that in worshipping him they are protected from the fury of nature, while unbelievers will have to face nature’s wrath. Unnatural things such as undead or arcane magic are considered the worst form of blasphemy.

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  • Worship Centers: G’henna
  • References: Realm of Terror, Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Circle of Darkness, Domains of Dread, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Cleric Domains: Destruction, Earth, Fire, Protection
  • Symbol: Small reliquary containing human finger bones
  • Favored Weapon: Flail
Notes: The beast-god Zhakata is the state religion of the famine-stricken nation of G’henna. G’hennans state that Zhakata has dual aspects: that of Devourer, and that of Provider. Unfortunately, they have only experienced his Devourer aspect. As the Devourer, Zhakata is not worshipped, he is appeased. His endless hunger demands constant sacrifice, whether it be food or humans. All crops must be donated to the Temple, where the priests deduct Zhakata’s share and then dole out the rest to the starving population. Buying and selling food is a religious offense, and obesity is the ultimate act of blasphemy. G’hennans believe that their painful sacrifices will one day finally appease Zhakata. On that day he is supposed to appear in physical form and change into Zhakata the Provider and give generous amounts of food to his worshippers. For generations the people of G’henna have starved themselves in the feeble hope that this day will come. G’henna is a theocracy. Clerics of Zhakata are the law, and they eat well, taking their portions of food before handing it back to the peasants. All clerics must defer to G’henna’s lord and master, the high priest Yagno Petrovna.

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  • Worship Centers:Souragne
  • References:Dark Tales & Disturbing Legends
  • Alignment: Varies; The Maiden of the Swamp - CG, The Lord of the Dead - LE, Brahmbei the Oracle - LN, Kurkva the Wailing One - N, Lethede the Lady of the Roads - LN, Madris Orundi the Dancer - NG, Ohuwaghnn the Serpent King - CE, Ovun Borundir the Warrior - CN, Sehkelo the Queen in Gold - LG, Tonthomba the Burning Man - CE, Ulwaddithri the Consuming One - NE
  • Cleric Domains: Varies; Maiden of the Swamp - Animal, Healing, Plant; Lord of the Dead - Death, Knowledge; Brahmbei the Oracle - Knowledge, Law, Luck; ; Kurkva the Wailing One - Air, Travel, Water; Lethede Lady of the Roads - Protection, Strength, Travel; Madris Orundi the Dancer - Good, Luck, Protection; Ohuwaghnn the Serpent King - Animal, Destruction, Trickery; Ovun Borundir the Warrior - Protection, Strength, War; Sehkelo the Queen in Gold - Fire, Sun, War; Tonthomba the Burning Man - Chaos, Destruction, Fire; Ulwaddithri the Consuming One - Death, Evil, Trickery
  • Symbol: None
  • Favored Weapon: None
Notes: Not all faiths honor the gods directly. In many cultures, spirits of the natural world and messengers of the gods are far more involved in mortal affairs than are the gods themselves. Why pray to a deity who does not hear, when you can direct your petition to the entity that god placed as lord over luck, or death, or rain, or wealth? This, then, is the Voodan, who worship neither gods nor nature itself, but rather spiritual entities who fall somewhere in between. These spirits, or "loa," number in the thousands, representing all manner of natural forces, locations, or concepts. Many communities even worship their deceased ancestors as loa. The loas listed above are the greatest and most well-known of the Souragnian faith.

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Minor Religions:
  • The Cult of Sekhmaa (Nova Vaasa)
  • Diosamblet (Markovia)
  • Easan the Mad (Vechor)
  • Elemental Forces (Kalidnay)
  • Kalid-Ma (Kalidnay)
  • Milil (Kartakass)

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Outlander Religions:

When the Mists deposit an outlander cleric within Ravenloft, such clerics immediately feel an emptiness and separation from their deity. While they continue to receive blessings, boons, and spells, they no longer feel their gods at their sides. This absence can cause Outlander clerics to go through periods of depression and crises of faith. Without the gods’ ever-watchful eyes to oversee their worship, imported religions often experience a “theological shift,” often ending up different in several key ways from the original religion.

Greyhawk Deities:

Deity [gender] Domains Alignment
Al'Akbar [m] Good, Healing, Law, Protection LG
Allitur [m] Good, Knowledge, Law LG/LN
Atroa [f] Air, Good, Plant, Sun NG
Bahamut [m] Air, Good, Luck, Protection LG
Beltar [f] Chaos, Earth, Evil, War CE/CN
Beory [f] Animal, Earth, Plant, Water N/NG
Berei [f] Good, Plant, Protection NG
Bleredd [m] Earth, Fire, Strength N
Boccob [m] Knowledge, Magic, Trickery N
Bralm [f] Animal, Law, Strength N/LN
Celestian [m] Knowledge, Travel, Protection N/NG
Corellon Larethian [m] Chaos, Good, Protection, War CG
Cyndor [m] Law, Protection, Travel LN
Dalt [m] Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel, Trickery CG
Delleb [m] Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic LG
Ehlonna [f] Animal, Good, Plant, Sun NG
Erythnul [m] Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War CE/CN
Fharlanghn [m] Luck, Protection, Travel N/NG
Fortubo [m] Earth, Good, Law, Protection LG/LN
Garl Glittergold [m] Good, Protection, Trickery NG
Geshtai [f] Plant, Travel, Water N
Gruumsh [m] Chaos, Evil, Strength, War CE
Heironeous [m] Good, Law, War LG
Hextor [m] Destruction, Evil, Law, War LE
Incabulos [m] Death, Evil, Destruction NE
Istus [f] Chaos, Knowledge, Law, Luck TN
Iuz [m] Chaos, Evil, Trickery CE
Jascar [m] Earth, Good, Law, Protection LG
Joramy [f] Destruction, Fire, War N/NG
Kord [m] Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength CG
Kurell [m] Chaos, Luck, Trickery CN
Kurtulmak [m] Evil, Law, Luck, Trickery LE
Lendor [m] Knowledge, Law, Protection, Time LN
Lirr [f] Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Travel CG
Llerg [m] Animal, Chaos, Strength CN
Lolth [f] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery CE
Lydia [f] Good, Knowledge, Sun, Travel NG
Mayaheine [f] Good, Law, Protection, War LG
Merikka [f] Good, Law, Plant, Protection LG
Moradin [m] Earth, Good, Law, Protection LG
Mouqol [m] Knowledge, Travel, Trickery N
Myhriss [f] Good, Healing, Protection NG
Nerull [m] Death, Evil, Trickery NE
Norebo [m] Chaos, Luck, Trickery CN
Obad-Hai [m] Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water N
Olidammara [m] Chaos, Luck, Trickery CN
Orcus* [m] Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Death CE
Osprem [f] Law, Protection, Travel, Water LN
Pelor [m] Good, Healing, Strength, Sun NG
Phaulkon [m] Air, Animal, Chaos, Good, War CG
Pholtus [m] Good, Knowledge, Law Sun LG/LN
Phyton [m] Chaos, Good, Plant, Sun, Water CG
Procan [m] Animal, Chaos, Travel, Water CN
Pyremius [m] Destruction, Evil, Fire NE
Ralishaz [m] Chaos, Destruction, Luck CN/CE
Rao [m] Law, Good, Knowledge LG
Raxivort [m] Animal, Chaos, Evil, Trickery CE
Rudd [f] Chaos, Good, Luck CN/CG
St. Cuthbert [m] Destruction, Good, Law, Protection, Strength LN/LG
Sehanine Moonbow [f] Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Travel, Trickery CG/NG
Sotillion [f] Air, Chaos, Good, Healing, Plant CG/CN
Syrul [f] Evil, Knowledge, Trickery NE
Telchur [m] Air, Chaos, Strength CN
Tharizdun [m] Destruction, Evil, Knowledge NE
Tiamat [f] Destruction, Evil, Law Trickery LE
Trithereon [m] Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength CG
Ulaa [f] Earth, Good, Law LG
Vatun [m] Air, Animal, Chaos, Strength CN
Vecna [m] Evil, Knowledge, Magic NE
Velnius [m] Air, Travel, Water N/NG
Wastri [m] Animal, Law, War LN/LE
Wee Jas [f] Death, Law, Magic LN/LE
Wenta [f] Air, Chaos, Good, Plant CG
Xan Yae [f] Knowledge, Trickery, War N
Xerbo [m] Animal, Knowledge, Water N
Ye'Cind [m] Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic CG
Yondalla [f] Good, Law, Protection LG
Zagyg [m] Chaos, Knowledge, Magic CN/CG
Zilchus [m] Knowledge, Law, Trickery LN
Zodal [m] Good, Healing, Protection NG
Zuoken [m] Knowledge, Strength, War N

* Denotes a demon prince/princess rather than a true god.

Dragonlance Deities:

Deity [gender] Domains Alignment
Branchala [m] Chaos, Good, Luck, Trickery CG
Chemosh [m] Death, Evil, Trickery NE
Chislev [f] Air, Animal, Plant, Earth N
Gilean [m] Knowledge, Protection N
Habbakuk [m] Animal, Good, Water NG
Hiddukel [m] Evil, Trickery CE
Kiri-Jolith [m] Good, Strength, War LG
Lunitari [f] None (does not grant divine spells) LN
Majere [m] Good, Law LG
Mishakal [f] Good, Healing, Protection NG
Morgion [m] Destruction, Evil NE
Nuitari [m] None (does not grant divine spells) LE
Reorx [m] Earth, Fire N
Sargonnas [m] Evil, Fire, Law, War LE
Shinare [f] Law, Luck, Travel LN
Sirrion [m] Chaos, Fire CN
Solinari [m] None (does not grant divine spells) LG
Zeboim [f] Chaos, Evil, Water CE
Zivilyn [m] Knowledge N

Mystara Immortals:

Immortal [gender] Domains Alignment
al-Kalim [m] Water, Animal, War, Law LN
Alphaks [m] Chaos, Evil, Magic, Destruction CE
Alphatia [f] Law, Good, Magic, Fire LG
Asterius [m] Good, Trickery, Travel, Air, Luck NG
Atruaghin [m] Law, Earth, War, Protection LN
Atzanteotl [m] Law, Evil, Death, Destruction LE
Benekander [m] Good, Sun, Fire, Knowledge NG
Calitha Starbrow [f] Water, Plant, Travel N
Demogorgon [m] Chaos, Evil, Air, Water CE
Diamond [m] Law, Strength, Earth, Magic LN
Diulanna [f] Good, Plant, Animal, Air NG
Djaea [f] Good, Earth, Animal, Plant NG
Eiryndul [m] Chaos, Good, Fire, Trickery, Luck CG
Faunus [m] Chaos, Earth, Plant, Trickery CN
Frey [m] & Freyja [f] Law, Good, Air, War LG
Garal Glitterlode [m] Chaos, Good, Earth, Trickery CG
The Great One [m] Strength, Earth, Travel, Magic, Luck N
Halav [m] Law, Good, Protection, War LG
Hel [f] Evil, Death, Healing, Destruction NE
Ilsundal [m] Law, Good, Fire, Plant LG/LN
Ixion [m] Chaos, Good, Fire, Sun CG
Ka [m] Law, Good, Earth, Animal LG
Kagyar [m] Good, Earth, Protection, War NG
Karaash [m] Evil, Air, War, Strength NE
Khronous [m] Water, Magic, Travel, Time N
Korotiku [m] Chaos, Trickery, Air, Knowledge CN
Koryis [m] Law, Air, Good, Protection LG
Loki [m] Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Trickery CE
Masauwu [m] Law, Evil, Destruction, Trickery LE
Mealiden Starwatcher [m] Chaos, Good, Fire, Protection CG
Noumena [m] Air, Trickery, Knowledge N
Nyx [f] Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Death CE
Odin [m] Law, Strength, Knowledge, Protection LG
Opal [f] Earth, Magic, Strength, Sun N
Orcus [m] Chaos, Destruction, Death, Strength CE
Ordana [f] Water, Good, Plant, Animal NG
Pearl [f] Chaos, Earth, Strength, Magic CN
Petra [f] Law, Air, Law, Protection, Healing LG
Pflarr [m] Fire, Magic, Protection, Knowledge LN
Protius [m] Water, Knowledge, Destruction, Protection CN
Rad (Étienne d'Ambreville) [m] Law, Magic, Knowledge, Fire LN
Rafiel [m] Law, Magic, Protection, Fire LN
Rathanos [m] Chaos, Good, Fire, Sun CG
Razud [m] Fire, Knowledge, Protection, Strength N
Talitha [f] Chaos, Destruction, Trickery CE
Tarastia [f] Law, Good, Fire, War LG
Terra [f] Law, Earth, Healing N
Thanatos [m] Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Death CE
Thor [m] Fire, War, Strength, Air LN
Valerius [f] Chaos, Good, Earth, Healing CG/CN
Vanya [f] War, Water, Strength, Destruction LN
Zirchev [m] Plant, Animal, Fire, Knowledge NG
Gorm [m] Air, Law, War LN
Madarua [f] Death, Healing, Protection TN
Usamigaras [m] Healing, Magic, Trickery CN
Zargon [m] Destruction, Evil, Law LE

Forgotten Realms Deities

Deity [gender] Domains Alignment
Abbathor [m] Evil, Luck, Trickery NE
Aerdrie Faenya [f] Air, Animal, Chaos, Good CG
Akadi [m] Air, Travel, Trickery N
Angharradh [m] Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Protection CG
Anhur [m] Chaos, Good, Strength, War CG
Arvoreen [f] Good, Law, Protection, War LG
Auril [f] Air, Evil, Water NE
Azuth [m] Magic, Knowledge, Law LN
Baervan Wildwanderer [m] Animal, Good, Plant, Travel NG
Baravar Cloakshadow [m] Good, Protection, Trickery NG
Bahgtru [m] Chaos, Evil, Strength CE
Bane [m] Destruction, Evil, Law LE
Berronar Truesilver [m] Good, Healing, Law, Protection LG
Beshaba [f] Chaos, Evil, Luck, Trickery CE
Brandobaris [m] Travel, Luck, Trickery N
Callarduran Smoothhands [m] Earth N
Chauntea [f] Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection NG
Clangeddin Silverbeard [m] Good, Strength, War LG
Corellon Larethian [m] Good, Law, Magic, Protection, War CG
Cyric [m] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery CE
Cyrrollalee [f] Good, Law LG
Deep Duerra [f] Evil, Law, War LE
Deep Sashelas [f] Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Water CG
Deneir [m] Good, Knowledge, Protection NG
Dugmaren Brightmantle [m] Chaos, Good, Knowledge CG
Dumathoin [m] Earth, Knowledge, Protection N
Eilistraee [f] Chaos, Good CG
Eldath [f] Good, Plant, Protection, Water NG
Erevan Ilsere [m] Chaos, Luck, Trickery CN
Fenmarel Mestarine [m] Animal, Chaos, Plant, Travel CN
Finder Wyvernspur [m] Animal, Chaos CN
Flandal Steelskin [m] Good NG
Gaerdal Ironhand [m] Good, Law, Protection, War LG
Garagos [m] Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War CN
Gargauth [m] Evil, Law, Trickery LE
Garl Glittergold [m] Good, Law, Proctection, Trickery LG
Geb [m] Earth, Protection N
Ghaunadaur [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Gond [m] Earth, Fire, Knowledge N
Gorm Gulthyn [m] Good, Protection, War LG
Grumbar [m] Earth, Time N
Gruumsh [m] Chaos, Evil, Strength, War CE
Gwaeron Windstrom [f] Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Travel NG
Haela Brightaxe [f] Chaos, Good, Luck, War CG
Hanali Celanil [f] Chaos, Good, Magic, Protection CG
Hathor [f] Good NG
Helm [m] Law, Protection, Strength LN
Hoar [m] Travel LN
Horus-Re [m] Good, Law, Sun LG
Ilmater [m] Good, Healing, Law, Strength LG
Ilneval [m] Destruction, Evil, War NE
Isis [f] Good, Magic, Water NG
Istishia [f] Destruction, Travel, Water N
Jergal [m] Death, Law LN
Kelemvor [m] Death, Law, Protection, Travel LN
Kiarnasalee [f] Chaos, Evil, Undeath CE
Kossuth [m] Destruction, Fire N(LN)
Labelas Enoreth [m] Chaos, Good, Knowledge CG
Laduguer [m] Evil, Law, Magic, Protection LE
Lathander [m] Good, Protection, Strength, Sun NG
Lliira [f] Chaos, Good, Travel CG
Lolth [f] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery CE
Loviatar [f] Evil, Law, Strength LE
Lurue [m] Animal, Chaos, Good, Healing CG
Luthic [m] Earth, Evil, Healing NE
Malar [m] Animal, Chaos, Evil, Strength CE
Marthammor Duin [m] Good, Protection, Travel NG
Mask [m] Darkness, Evil, Trickery NE
Mielikki [f] Animal, Good, Plant, Travel NG
Milil [m] Good, Knowledge NG
Moradin [m] Earth, Good, Law, Protection LG
Mystra [f] Good, Knowledge, Magic NG(LN)
Nephthys [f] Chaos, Good, Protection CG
Nobanion [m] Animal, Good, Law LG
Oghma [m] Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery N
Osiris [m] Death, Good, Law, Plant LG
Red Knight [m] Law, War LN
Rillifane Rallathil [m] Chaos, Good, Plant, Protection CG
Savras [m] Knowledge, Law, Magic LN
Sebek [m] Animal, Evil, Water NE
Segojan Earthcaller [m] Earth, Good NG
Sehanine Moonbow [f] Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Travel CG
Selûne [f] Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel CG
Selvetarm [m] Chaos, Evil, War CE
Set [m] Air, Darkness, Evil, Law, Magic LE
Shar [f] Darkness, Evil, Knowledge NE
Sharess [f] Chaos, Good, Travel, Trickery CG
Shargaas [m] Chaos, Evil, Trickery CE
Shaundakul [m] Air, Chaos, Protection, Travel CN
Sheela Peryroyl [f] Air, Plant N
Shevarash [f] Chaos, War CN
Shiallia [f] Animal, Good, Plant NG
Siamorphe [m] Knowledge, Law LN
Silvanus [m] Animal, Plant, Protection, Water N
Solonor Thelandira [m] Chaos, Good, Plant, War CG
Sune [f] Chaos, Good, Protection CG
Talona [f] Destruction, Evil CE
Talos [m] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire CE
Tempus [m] Chaos, Protection, Strength, War CN
Thard Harr [m] Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant CG
Thoth [m] Knowledge, Magic N
Tiamat [f] Evil, Law LE
Torm [m] Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength LG
Tymora [f] Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel CG
Tyr [m] Good, Knowledge, Law, War LG
Ubtao [m] Plant, Protection N
Ulutiu [m] Animal, Law, Protection, Strength LN
Umberlee [f] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water CE
Urdlen [m] Chaos, Earth, Evil CE
Urogalan [m] Death, Earth, Law, Protection LN
Uthgar [m] Animal, Chaos, Strength, War CN
Valkur [m] Air, Chaos, Good, Protection CG
Velsharoon [m] Death, Evil, Magic, Undeath NE
Vergadain [m] Luck, Trickery N
Vhaeraun [m] Chaos, Evil, Travel, Trickery CE
Waukeen [f] Knowledge, Protection, Travel N
Yondalla [f] Good, Law, Protection LG
Yurtrus [m] Death, Destruction, Evil NE

Birthright Deities

Deity [gender] Domains Alignment
Avani [f] Sun, Knowledge, Law, Magic LN
Baphomet [m] Animal, Chaos, War CE
Belinik [m] War, Strength, Evil, Chaos CE
Cuiraécen [m] War, Strength, Good, Chaos CG
Eloele [f] Chaos, Darkness, Trickery CN
Erik [m] Animal, Earth, Plant N
Haelyn [m] War, Good, Law LG
Kartathok [m] War, Destruction, Strength, Evil, Law LE
Kostchtchie [m] Chaos, Cold, Strength, Evil, Destruction CE
Kriesha [f] Chaos, Cold, Evil LE
Laerme [f] Fire, Good, Chaos CG
Moradin [m] Earth, Protection, Good, Law LG
Nesirie [f] Healing, Protection, Good, Water NG
Ruomil [m] Magic, Knowledge N
Sera [f] Chaos, Luck, Travel CN
Torazon [m] War, Earth, Evil CE
Yeenoghu [m] Chaos, Death, Protection, War CE

Athasian Elementalism

Clerics of Athas (the world of the Dark Sun setting) worship no gods, as Athas has no gods. Instead, they devote themselves to particular element and the preservation of that element in the natural world.

Element Domains
Air Air
Earth Earth
Fire Fire
Magma Earth, Fire
Rain Air, Water
Silt Earth, Water
Sun Air, Fire
Water Water

Athasian Sorcerer-Kings

Specialized clerics of Athas known as "Templars" worship the various Sorcerer-Kings of their city-states for spells. Upon entering Ravenloft, the Dark Powers act as surrogates to this power, as the Demiplane of Dread is beyond the reach of Athas' Sorcerer-Kings.

Sorcerer-King Domains
Andropinus [m] Evil, Law, Travel, War LE
Atzetuk [m] Destruction, Evil, Magic, Sun NE
Dregoth [m] Chaos, Death, Evil, Knowledge CE
Hamanu [m] Evil, Law, Protection, Strength LE
Lalali-Puy [f] Evil, Healing, Plant NE
Shadow King [m] Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War CE

Eberron Deities

Deity Domains Alignment
The Silver Flame Good, Law, Protection LG
Arawai [f] Good, Plant NG
Aureon [m] Knowledge, Law, Magic LN
Balinor [m] Air, Animal, Earth N
Boldrei [f] Good, Law, Protection LG
Dol Arrah [f] Good, Law, Sun, War LG
Dol Dorn [m] Chaos, Good, Strength, War CG
Kol Korran [m] Travel N
Olladra [f] Good, Healing, Luck NG
Onatar [m] Fire, Good NG
The Devourer [m] Destruction, Evil, Water NE
The Fury [f] Evil NE
The Keeper [m] Death, Evil NE
The Mockery [m] Destruction, Evil, Trickery, War NE
The Shadow Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Magic CE
The Traveler Chaos, Travel, Trickery CN
The Blood of Vol Death, Evil, Law LE
The Cults of the Dragon Below Darkness, Earth, Evil NE
The Path of Light (Il-Yannah) Law, Protection LN
The Undying Court Good, Protection NG
Dreaming Dark Evil, Law LE
Kalok Shash Good, Protection, War LG
Lord of Blades [m] Evil, Law, War LE
Path of Inspiration (Riedra) Law LN
Spirits of the Past Destruction, Protection, War TN
The Becoming God Strength TN

Olympian (Greek) Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Zeus [m] Air, Chaos, Good, Strength CG
Aphrodite [f] Chaos, Good CG
Apollo [m] Good, Healing, Magic, Knowledge, Sun CG
Ares [m] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War CE
Artemis [f] Animal, Good, Plant, Sun NG
Athena [f] Good, Knowledge, Law, War LG
Demeter [f] Earth, Plant, Protection TN
Dionysus [m] Chaos, Destruction CN
Hades [m] Death, Earth, Evil NE
Hecate [f] Evil, Knowledge, Magic NE
Hephaestus [m] Earth, Fire, Good NG
Hera [f] Protection, Trickery TN
Hercules [m] Chaos, Good, Strength CG
Hermes [m] Chaos, Good, Luck, Travel, Trickery CG
Hestia [f] Good, Protection NG
Nike [f] Law, War LN
Pan [m] Animal, Chaos, Plant CN
Poseidon [m] Chaos, Earth, Water CN
Tyche [f] Luck, Protection, Travel TN
The Academy [philosophy] Good, Knowledge NG

Pharaonic (Egyptian) Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Ra [m] Air, Good, Law, Sun, War NG
Amun [m] Good, Law, Strength, War LN
Anubis [m] Law, Magic LN
Anhur [m] Chaos, Strength, War CG
Apep [m] Evil, Fire NE
Apshai [m] Animal, Plant TN
Bast [f] Chaos, Destruction, Protection, Strength, War CG
Bes [m] Luck, Protection, Trickery CN
Geb [m] Earth, Healing, Strength TN
Hathor [f] Good, Luck NG
Horus [m] Protection, Law, War LN
Imhotep [m] Healing, Knowledge NG
Isis [f] Good, Magic, Protection, Water NG
Nephthys [f] Chaos, Good, Protection CG
Osiris [m] Air, Earth, Good, Law, Plant LG
Ptah [m] Knowledge, Law, Travel LN
Seker [m] Good, Protection, Sun NG
Sekhmet [f] Chaos, Destruction, Healing, Fire, War CN
Set [m] Air, Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Strength CE
Shu [m] Air, Destruction, Law, Fire LG
Sobek [m] Animal, Evil, Water LE
Tefnut [f] Air, Destruction, Law, Water LG
Thoth [m] Knowledge, Magic TN

Asgardian (Norse) Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Odin [m] Air, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Trickery, War NG
Aegir [m] Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, Water NE
Balder [m] Good, Healing, Knowledge NG
Forseti [m] Knowledge, Protection, Strength TN
Frey [m] Air, Good, Plant, Sun NG
Freya [f] Air, Good, Magic NG
Frigga [f] Air, Animal, Knowledge TN
Heimdall [m] Good, Law, War LG
Hel [f] Death, Destruction, Evil NE
Hermod [m] Chaos, Luck, Travel CN
Loki [m] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery CE
Njord [m] Air, Good, Water NG
Odur [m] Chaos, Fire, Sun CG
Sif [f] Chaos, Good, War CG
Skadi [f] Destruction, Earth, Strength TN
Surtur [m] Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, War LE
Thor [m] Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength, War CG
Thrym [m] Chaos, Cold, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Strength, War CE
Tyr [m] Law, Protection, War LN
Uller [m] Chaos, Protection, Travel CN

Cthulhu Mythos

Deity Domains Alignment
Azathoth [n] Chaos, Evil, Death CE
Cthulhu [m] Evil, Death, Destruction, Water CE
Hastur [m] Chaos, Destruction, Evil NE
Nyarlathotep [m] Chaos, Destruction, Magic, Trickery CE
Shub-Niggurath [f] Animal, Chaos, Evil, Earth, Plant CN
Yog-Sothoth [n] Chaos, Luck, Protection, Travel TN
Chaugnar Faugn [m] Death, Destruction, Evil CE
Cthugha [n] Fire CE
Father Dagon [m] Water CE
Mother Hydra [f] Water CE
Eihort [n] Chaos, Destruction CE
Glaaki [n] Water CN
Ithaqua [m] Evil, Air CE
Mordiggian [m] Death TN
Nodens [m] Animal, Destruction, Strength, Water TN
Shudde M'ell [f] Earth CN
Tsathoggua [m] Destruction, Knowledge, Magic NE
Yig [m] Animal, Death, Protection, Trickery NE
Y'Golonac [m] Destruction CE

Native American Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Great Spirit [m] Animal, Healing, Protection, Sun LG
Sun (Shakuru) [m] Chaos, Good, Healing, Sun CN
Moon (Pah) [f] Good, Law, Protection, Healing LG
Earth (Nokomis) [f] Animal, Earth, Plant NG
Wind (Hotoru) [m] Air, Chaos, War CN
Morning Star [m] Animal, Healing, Plant, Protection LG
Fire (Hastsezini) [m] Destruction, Fire, War LE
Thunder (Heng) [m] Air, Healing, Luck, Protection CG
Raven [m] Animal, Good, Luck Trickery CG
Coyote [m] Animal, Chaos, Luck, Trickery CN
Snake [m] Animal, Healing, Protection, Time NG
Winter (Shakak) [m] Air, Cold, Evil, Water CE
Red Lord (Hastseltsi) [m] Animal, Travel TN
War Spirit (Tobadzistsini)[m] Evil, Strength, War NE

Aztec Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Ometeotl [m] any TN
Huitzilopochtli [m] Evil, Law, Strength, War NE
Quetzalcoatl [m] Air, Good, Law, Protection, Travel CG
Mictlantecuhtli [m] Death, Earth TN
Mictanchihuatl [f] Death, Earth TN
Tezcatlipoca [m] Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery CE
Tlaloc [m] Air, Law, Plant, Water LE
Chalchihuitlicue [f] Good, Healing, Luck, Water NG
Tlazolteotl [f] Evil, Knowledge, Healing CE
Xochipilli [m] Good, Knowledge, Healing, Trickery CG
Xochiquetzal [f] Good, Healing, Plant, Protection NG
Metzli [f] Animal, Protection NG
Centeotl [f] Air, Earth, Plant CN
Ixtlilton [m] Healing, Protection LG
Camaxtli [m] Knowledge, Sun TN
Camazotzilaha [m] Animal, Evil, Trickery CE
Huhueteotl [m] Fire, Travel CE
Cihuacoatl [f] Animal, Death, Earth, Plant TN
Tonatiuh [m] Destruction, Evil, Sun, War NE
Xipetotec [m] Earth, Law, Luck, Plant LN

Celtic Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Lugh [m] Animal, Chaos Healing, Protection, Travel CN
Oghma [m] Animal, Healing, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Sun NG
Goibhniu [m] Healing, Protection, Sun, War NG
Daghda [m] Air, Animal, Plant, Water CG
Manannan mac Lir [m] Animal, Healing, Plant, Travel, Water CN
Arawn [m] Darkness, Death, Evil NE
Morrigan [f] Chaos, Destruction, War CE
Diancecht [m] Animal, Healing, Plant, Protection LG
Math Mathonwy [m] Evil, Knowledge, Magic NE
Belenus [m] Animal, Good, Fire, Plant, Sun NG
Brigantia [f] Air, Animal, Plant, Water NG
Brigit [f] Fire, War TN
Dunatis [m] Destruction, Earth TN
Silvanus [m] Animal, Earth, Plant TN

Chinese Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Shang-Ti [m] Air, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Strength, Sun LG
Kuan-Ti [m] Good, Healing, Protection, War NG
Yen-Wang-Yeh [m] Death, Knowledge, Law Protection LN
Fu Hsing [m] Good, Healing CG
Chung Kuel [m] Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection LG
Liu [m] Animal, Plant, Healing, Sun TN
Lu Hsing [m] Knowledge, Law, Healing LN
Shou Hsing [m] Healing, Protection, Time CN
Kuan Yin [f] Good, Healing, Protection LG
Chih-Nii [f] Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Protection CG
Lei Kung Air, Destruction, Law, Sun LE
Sung Chiang [m] Knowledge, Healing, Trickery NE
Lao Tzu [m] Animal, Knowlege, Healing, Plant LN
K'ung Fu-Tzu [m] Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law Protection LG
Chih-Chiang Fyu-Ya [m] Evil, Law, Strength LE
Chih Sung-Tzu [m] Air, Travel, Water TN
Lu Yueh [m] Chaos, Destruction, Death, Evil CE
Shan Hai Ching [m] Air, Animal, Travel, Water LN
Tou Mu [f] Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War CE

Indian Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Brahman [m] Knowledge, Magic TN
Indra [m] Air, Chaos, Healing, War CE
Varuna [m] Healing, Knowledge, Law Protection, Sun LN
Mitra [m] Healing, Good, Law, Plant, Protection, Sun LG
Yama [m] Death, Healing, Knowledge, Law LN
Agni [m] Fire, Healing, Protection, Sun CG
Surya [m] Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Sun LG
Savitri [m] Fire, Good, Healing, Sun NG
Soma [m] Animal, Good, Healing, Plant, Protection CG
Ushas [f] Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Sun LG
Siva [m] Destruction, Fire, Sun NE
Kali [f] Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Healing CE
Brihaspati [m] Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law LG
Rudra [m] Air, Animal, Destruction, Evil NE
Puchan [m] Healing, Protection, Travel NG
Ratri [f] Chaos, Darkness, Knowledge, Trickery CN
Vayu [m] Air, Destruction, Plant CN
Tvashtri [m] Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Plant CG
Karittikeya [m] Chaos, Good, War CG
Lakshmi [f] Air, Knowledge, Luck, Travel CG
Vishnu [m] Good, Healing, Law, Sun, Water LG

Japanese Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Izanagi [m] & Izanami [f] Animal, Earth, Healing, Water LN
Amaterasu Omikami [f] Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Sun LG
Tsuki-Yomi [m] Good, Healing, Knowledge, Travel NG
Hachiman [m] Law, Strength, War LN
Susanoo [m] Air, Chaos, Sun, Water CN
Raiden [m] Air, Chaos, Evil, War CE
Ama-Tsu-Mara [m] Earth, Fire, Healing, Protection TN
Inari [m] Animal, Healing, Plant NG
Ho Masubi [m] Fire, Plant, Sun CN
Nai No Kami [m] Earth, Destruction LN
O-Wata-Tsu-Mi [m] Animal, Travel, Water NG
Kura Okami [m] Air, Healing, Water CG
Shina-Tsu-Hiko [m] Air, Chaos, Protection CN
Amatsu-Mikaboshi [m] Evil, Knowledge, Law, Trickery LE
O-Kuni-Nushi [m] Animal, Good, Healing, Strength CG
Ebisu [m] Good, Law, Luck LG
Daikoku [m] Air, Animal, Luck, Strength LG
Kishijoten [f] Good, Luck, War NG

Mesopotamian (Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian) Deities

Deity Domains Alignment
Adad [m] Air, Chaos, Strength, Water CN
Anshar [m] Evil, Magic, Trickery NE
Anu [m] Air, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Travel LN
Belet-ili [f] Animal, Earth, Good, Healing, Plant NG
Dahak [m] Chaos, Evil, Death CE
Druaga [m] Evil, Law, Trickery LE
Ea [m] Earth, Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Water LG
Enlil [m] Air, Animal, Good, Law, Luck, Protection, War LN
Erishkigal [f] Death, Evil, Knowledge, Law LE
Gilgamesh [m] Good, Strength, Travel, War NG
Girru [m] Fire, Good, Law, Magic LG
Ishtar [f] Animal, Chaos, Magic, Strength, Trickery, War CN
Ki [f] Animal, Luck, Plant TN
Marduk [m] Air, Fire, Law, Luck, Protection, War LG
Nanna-Sin [m] Chaos, Luck, Good CG
Nergal [m] Chaos, Death, Destruction, Earth, Evil CE
Ninurta [m] Good, Plant, Strength, Travel NG
Shamash [m] Good, Knowledge, Law, Sun, Travel LG
Sin [m] Animal, Knowledge, Plant, Protection TN
Utu [m] Chaos, Fire, Good, Sun CG

Nehwon (Lankhmar) Deities

Deity Domains Alignment
Kharanos [m] Law, Strength, Sun, Destruction LE
Mux [m] Death, Knowledge, Law LN
Heimdal [m] Knowledge, Protection, Law, Sun LG
Illala [f] Healing, Protection, Earth, Knowledge LN
Hate [n] Destruction, Evil, Undeath, War LE
Issek [m] Protection, Healing, Good LG
Aarth [m] Knowledge, Magic, Air LN
Death [m] Death, Trickery, Knowledge, Luck, Magic TN
Kos [m] Strength, War, Destruction, Luck, Sun TN
Skama [f] Animal, Good, Plant NG
Rat God [m] Animal, Trickery, Evil, Knowledge NE
Tyaa [f] Animal, Destruction, Chaos, Air CN
Cat Gods [b] Animal, Protection, Good, Luck NG
Shark God [m] Animal, Water, Strength, Destruction TN
Chance [n] Chaos, Luck, Death, Protection, Travel CN
Gods of Trouble [n] Evil, Fire, Destruction, Trickery, Undeath CE
Mog [m] Luck, Chaos CN
Nehwon [m] Earth, Evil, Destruction, Chaos CE
Red God [m] Fire, Destruction, War, Chaos CN
Sea King [m] Water, Plant, Animal CN
Glaggerk [m] Air, Water, Chaos CE
Pain [f] Evil, Destruction, Chaos, Undeath CE

Melnibonéan Deities

Deity Domains Alignment
Arioch [m] Evil, War, Magic, Chaos CE
Donblas [m] Good, Protection, Healing, Law LG
Grome [m] Earth, Strength, Travel TN
Haaashastaak, Master of Lizardkind [m] Animal TN
Misha, Lord of Winds [m] Air TN
Nura-ah, Master of Cattle [m] Animal TN
Darnizhan [m] Earth, Evil, Trickery NE
Fileet, Lady of Birds [f] Animal, Chaos CN
Kakatal [m] Fire, Chaos CN
Meerclar, Mistress of Catkind [f] Animal, Chaos CN
Nnuuurrrr'c'c', Master of the Insect Swarm [m] Animal TN
Pyaray [m] Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Travel, Undeath CE
Roofdrak, Master of All Dogs [m] Animal TN
Straasha [m] Travel, Water TN
Xiombarg [f] Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil CE
Chardros [m] Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil CE
Checkalakh [m] Chaos, Destruction, Fire CN
Mabelode the Faceless [m] Chaos, Darkness, Trickery, War CE
Arkyn [m] Good, War, Magic, Law LG

Finnish Pantheon

Deity Domains Alignment
Ukko [m] Air, Animal, Good, Law, Protection LG
Ahto [m] Good, Travel, Water NG
Hiisi [m] Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery CE
Ilmatar [f] Good, Healing, Law, Protection LG
Kiputytto [f] Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil CE
Loviatar [f] Evil, Law, Strength LE
Mielikki [f] Animal, Good, Plant, Travel NG
Surma [m] Death, Destruction, Evil, War NE
Tuonetar [f] Chaos, Death, Earth, Evil CE
Tuoni [m] Chaos, Death, Earth, Evil CN
Untamo [m] Dream, Healing, Knowledge TN

Demon Princes

Deity Domains Alignment
Baphomet [m] Chaos, Evil, Strength CE
Dagon [m] Chaos, Evil, Water CE
Demogorgon [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Fraz-Urb'luu [m] Chaos, Evil, Trickery CE
Graz'zt [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Juiblex [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Kostchtchie [m] Chaos, Cold, Evil CE
Malcanthet [f] Chaos, Evil, Trickery CE
Obox-Ob [m] Chaos, Destruction, Evil CE
Orcus [m] Chaos, Darkness, Undeath, Death, Evil CE
Pale Night [f] Chaos, Evil, Knowledge CE
Pazuzu [m] Air, Chaos, Evil CE
Yeenoghu [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Zuggtmoy [f] Chaos, Evil, Plant CE
Abaddon [m] Chaos, Death, Evil CE
Abraxus [m] Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Protection CE
Anarazel [m] Chaos, Evil, Earth CE
Astaroth [m] Chaos, Evil, Knowledge CE
Azazel [m] Animal, Chaos, Evil CE
Azidakha [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Behemoth [m] Animal, Chaos, Evil, Strength CE
Decarabia [f] Air, Chaos, Evil CE
Eligor [m] Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, War CE
Flauros [m] Chaos, Evil, Fire Sun CE
Gamigin [m] Chaos, Death, Evil, Knowledge CE
Haagenti [m] Chaos, Earth, Evil CE
Ipos [m] Chaos, Evil, Trickery CE
Marbas [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Nocticula [f] Chaos, Evil, Healing, Luck, Plant CE
Raum [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Sabnach [m] Chaos, Evil, Protection CE
Seere [m] Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Travel CE
Shax [m] Chaos, Evil CE
Socothbenoth [m] Chaos, Evil, Trickery CE
Vepar [m] Chaos, Evil, Travel, Water CE


Deity Domains Alignment
Asmodeus [m] Evil, Law LE
Baalzebul [m] Evil, Law, Strength, Trickery LE
Bel [m] Evil, Law, Destruction, Strength, War LE
Belial [m] Evil, Law, Knowledge, Trickery LE
Dispater [m] Evil, Law, Destruction, War LE
Fierna [f] Evil, Law, Fire, Trickery LE
Glasya [f] Evil, Law, Trickery LE
Levistus [m] Evil, Cold, Law, Trickery, War LE
Mammon [m] Evil, Law, Trickery LE
Mephistopholes [m] Evil, Law, Fire LE

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