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Belinda Pope, the Professional Burper, speaks to DOC

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DM Tarokka:
Uhm, yes. That’s Belinda, Doc. Do you remember? Er… yes yes Belinda Pope… or Bel… Or Linda… or YES! Belinda Spears on a stage. That’s me! Do you remember my perfect and well trained bottom? Yes yes, I keep on jogging around, but well, uhm… actually I’m jogging in new places… Next time I’ll be safer to run at early morning through any Mist of sort. Ah wait! Xery is with me yes? So I’ll be safe enough, she’s smart and she’ll protect me though… well… you know her… she’s a quite frail. But she is so… Uh uh… I told her you know… but… er… Don’t know how it went actually. Guess I’m not so smart.

I got a guitar! Yay! I’m sooooo COOOOOL with that! Er… no no I still can’t play it but I know I’ll learn soon yes yes. As when I first learnt how to burp properly. Er… I have people queuing to have classes with me for learning that, yes yes. Uhm… no well… it’s a lie… I only showed to a dwarf, you know… they’re professional as well. This land is grim. But I’ve heard rumours of skeletons comedians. Maybe I can have a show with them. And with LOTS of FIREWORKS! YAY! Maybe also dwarves who dance. You know for sub-cultured people.

Oh. People like my bottom. They gave me gifts. Xery says they only want to bed me, but I won’t, no no no no no. I won’t have a child to let it as father did to me. Uhm… maybe he’s still alive. You know he’s an elf. Er, this would explain my pointed ears. My hair still does not grow in that spot. You said I only dreamt about the red dragon who stole it to me. MY BEAUTIFUL RED HAIR! Damnit! Uhm. It will grow again, you say? It has passed a long time since, and it does no grow.

We’re stuck in this place, Barovia its name, but not the Village, the Realm, where there is a church or a temple, I never guess the difference, and people are really boring there speaking of Morninglords and Ezras, while they could simply go out and dance under the moonlight with LOST of FIREWORKS! Maybe they enjoy being priests because they have a preferred way to know thos skeletons comedians everybody speak about.

I thought having met Miss Vallaki, you know the most beautiful girl of the town but actually she was a guard, and not so pretty as well. They, no no, he… uhm what’s his name? AH. Kane. He gave me money and a ring, but he does not mean to marry me, no no no no. He told me not to piss off guards. And, uhm… Xery and me cannot show we’re magical. They would burn us. Here the night is dangerous, and… ooooh… I saw a kind of rat with two legs. Oh wait. He had also arms. Scary yes yes.

People like my bottom, it’s clear. But I have to train. Er… yes yes I’ll go now… See you Doc!

DM Tarokka:
Here Doc! Here I am again. Oh uhm er... you say I should try to speak in a more COHORDINATED manner? I'll try, yes yes, so you can understand better what it's happening to me.

So we're here in this place, called Barovia as I already told you. No funny shows here actually. No skeletons comedian yet. Firey-worky skeletons though yes yes, a bit dangerous, they almost burnt my FLAMY red hair! Furrrrrrry actors those a lot but, uhm, well... yesterday with Xery I discovered maybe they're not actors. And they hurt too. We have made some new friends in here, but Xery is always advising me to be well aware to what these "friends" might want from me. And from me GORGEOUS bottom! We have been attacked by a witch with blueish magical arrows. Actually we are witches as well, we perfectly know that. Hey, Doc, you know that I'm not STUPID! I have just an artistic mind yes yes.

Oh er... IT HAPPENED! I'm soooooo happy! I still do not understand what she feels for me. She keeps on calling me sister, she loves me as a sister but... uhm... hey, we made it, and it was sooooo sweeeeeeeet! YAY! But, er... uhm... she says we must be secret, nobody must know. She's wiser and smarter than me I'll do as she wishes. I... uhm... I'm blushing again, Doc, I cannot help this... any time I am thinking something... uh uh... you know what I mean... oh my... I'm blushing MORE!

I heard a story about two winged ladies who jumped down in some falls I saw, and which are by the way REALLY beautiful. I think that Barovians are good at inventing stories, I mean... one of them had purple hair! HEY! For sure it was a wig! And those were two clowns having an acrobatic dive in the falls to make fun of people. Oh uhm, I'm curious, I'm going to invesitgate about that. One of our new friends told he knew them. Those diving faking winged actresses. Weeeeee'll see. By the way, I'm sooooo HAPPY! I'll keep in touch, yes yes, I hope to see you soon, Doc. BYES!

DM Tarokka:
Hello again, Doc. I miss you, you know. I’m here so far from home and it does not seem really a fine place. Nights here are very dangerous, I mean they everybody say that and at first I did not believe them. Those furry actors, which are not of course actors it seems, are really deadly. Both Xery and I fell under their blows and bites. They are very hurty. I’ve seen of two kinds, the ratty and the wolfy thingies.

Luckily there is Xery with me who protects and counsels me in any situation. She found for us a very ROMANTIC place, and we had a campfire, ate fruit, I played a song for her and at the end we bathed naked in a stream and in there… uhm… THERE! I’m blushing again! It always happens, I simply cannot help! She says I’m even cuter when I become so reddish, I do not know actually. She gave me a mirror to watch my own beauty. It was so… romantic YEAH!

We’ve been living in this village for quite a long, maybe a month since we first arrived in this land. It’s quiet enough if you avoid dangers. And Xery makes me avoid them, usually. Nevertheless there are some people who do not like me, who say my bottom’s too large and, HEY! Everybody who has eyes which work properly KNOWS it’s perfect. They were a she elf and a she hin to say that. For sure they were only and simply jealous of it. Xery has promised again to bring me home. She also said something like if there were only a person to send she would have sent me, and I pouted, because I want to stay with her, no matters where!

She is investigating on means to go back home. We found also a strange place with magicians in it. And uhm, er…. I won’t write what we did there so I won’t blush again. OH! It’s happening… YEAH, because I only thought of it. AAAAAANYWAY, I bought for her nice dresses there. She’s not treating fine her body, while she should. This is why I persuade her to jog with me at any time, and, uhm YEAH! I will teach her how to dress properly.

She is a bit cold sometimes, though she has also moments of sudden passion. Sometimes I think she is joking at me, because she knows how I feel embarrassed and blush when I think of –THAT-. Thingies are going sensibly better though. YAY! I’m sure we’ll meet soon again, Doc. I’ll write you in the next days.


P.S.: AAAAAAH! You have noticed I am coming back to write quite normally... matter of time and I'll manage yes yes. BYES!

DM Tarokka:
Hello Doc! We’ve back to Vallaki for a while, yes yes, because finally Xery has decided to dedicate more time for herself and buy new clothes at the local tailor. Uhm, in the meanwhile I had some er… let’s call them adventures yes. The time at the tailor for Xery was longer than what we had foreseen and I did many thingies by myself.

I watched a boxing match between two hins. It was AMAZING! YAY! For the first time I could see a proper show, though I think it was more for sub-cultured people, but well… uh those little and tiny creatures so quickly punching and kicking were such a show! And little Sam without his GUI-TAR was good at it! Mister Kane was also there speaking with the guardy girlie who once I believed to be Miss Vallaki. And she called me names. Meanie she was! I met her again. And she called me again names! Called me witch and fey. Oh uhm, er… yeah I know Doc, but, uhm… I’m half-witch and half-fey so I did not lie!

Let’s think about nice thingies. I made a conceptual choreography in the church of the Mourn… er… oh wait wait… they said me it is NOT “Mourning”, in fact it is “Morning”. Shame. I always thought about that god-guy mourning for all the foolish people who go around at night and die and be revived. Uhm… the choreography was made by two men and two girlies, one of them being ME, the best bottom around, YAY! I don’t remember the names of the other people except Mister Kane. We were all in crossed arms trying to depict a sort of M letter after the name of the god-guy of that church. I met also Mister and Missus Red Vardo, dressed the same, they say to be traders. Mister Kane says they’re only legal rogues. Who knows? I asked for some new instruments. Ah uhm er… Mister Red Vardo told me that is not his name, BUT what he is… well… for me it’s the same. I mean a name is what you are. Anyways, his name being some Samuel.

Ah uh, maybe they called a inn here after my name you know? Broken Bell. But, uhm, I’m not “broken” unless I stumble while jogging. I will call my own theatre Unbroken Bel! Ah uh… one of those times I er… stumbled… I was collected by a witchy called Alba. At first she said she was a massager, er… uhm… first thing I thought was she was a high-class whore as they called me too. Uhm, maybe witch here is another name for that, who knows?!? I introduced her to Xery and they spoke a bit about books. Oh uhm er… I cannot stop thinking to my sexy glassed scholarly Xery. Oh… blushing yeah!

In Vallaki there was an evil witch attack. It wasn’t me no no no no no. I was performing my conceptual choreography. And uh, my sort of friend Krystal was attacked and died. Poor girlie with her dolls. She displayed all of the in front of herself and eyed me evilishly when I tried to approach. Er, I was only trying to give her one I found, but she did not want it because she said those ones were special. Uhm… five of them, one male and four female. We sang together and played the GUI-TAR! YAY! It was the first time I was able to do it properly. Soooo, she asked me names, and after a while I came out with the protagonists of some stories I heard in my homeland yes yes. Marina, Perdita, Miranda and Imogene. She liked them. I explained her the meaning.

Ah uhm er… I also investigated on the winged ladies. I discovered the name of one of them, told me by Mister Kane. I forgot… something with T. I asked also to Mash-guy who told me he used to work for them. They were MARRIED! WOW! I want to as well! With my Xery! But, no priesties no one, only the two of us promising thingies, YAY! She promised another romantic place where to go, as soon as her dresses are ready we’ll leave! I’ll write you soon DOC! BYES BYES!

DM Tarokka:
Hey Doc!

These have been troubled days because, well, I've fallen so many times under the strikes of these foulish beasts who dwell in this god forsaken land. Xery and I kept on jogging around to find a mean to go back home and to find a romantic place where to do a very secret thingie I will tell you only.... er... uh.... only once we have done it yes yes. Uhm, well... er... sorry... I began to write so fine, but uh... when I... er... think about her, and uh... sexy glasses you know... er... and yellow fruits... uhm... I simply see my mind fading! And my complexion grow redder and redder!

The guardy girlie keeps on calling me witch! She's mean! I only hope they do not imprison me no no no no, I don't like to be stuck in close spaces, I need to run and run... to kep my bottom in fit YEAH! Uh, I've know a Morninglordian girlie and I gave her an idea of mine to build a HUGE SHOW to praise her god-guy in order to collect funds and donations to restore that churchy thingie which seems to be collapsing... I hope... er... maybe, well... something with FIREWORKS! YAY! She does not want any skeletons comedians though. Shame.

I talked seriously to Xery about us. She's afraid that she'll grow old before me, and this is the truth. This is why, she said, she wanted me with someone else and not with her. But I'm so lucky that, after all this time spent together, well, when she considered me a sort of little sister, she finally changed her mind on us. I hope she won't change it again, because, er... uh... we're... uhm... happy! And uhm... our secret yes yes....

We discovered more about the winged ladies. It seems they have much in common with us. Apart they had wings. And, uhm, maybe they were older than us. The girlie-Krystal-who-loves-dolls refused to tell their names though. She told me she called two of the dolls after them. I'll discover. I want to write a play on those winged ladies. Uhm... and maybe... their story may be something Xery and I must have in mind to... well... to be better!

Xery always likes to do experiments. She frightened me once because she blocked me. Another time she made me deal with some vampire thingies to see I don't know what. This is why I say they have been troubled days, you know... I don't like to wake up in a churchy with all people around and all of them moving and moving! And uh WOW! Last time Xery brought me in the nicest inn I ever saw, called... uhm... Blue Water! YAY! It was rich... we... her... had a bath together and... uh... still wet... uhm... I'm blushing... er... cannot write more, Doc, Xery's calling me again! BYEEEEEEEEEEEES!


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