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Persistent Rental System Guidelines
« on: May 02, 2021, 05:18:45 PM »

The Persistent Rental System has been in for over a year now, and we felt some clearer guidelines were warranted to ensure they are used to their full potential.

The Persistent Rental System exists to promote roleplay through the community. Because these are in limited supply and great demand, a player should not have more than one inn room rental (Novak's, Governor's Hotel), and one other rental (warehouses, shops, temporary rentals, etc.) per character. Temporary rentals should be held only for planned events and should not be maintained as a permanent rental.

Inn rooms may be used for personal roleplay while other rentals should be used to promote interactions and group roleplay, whether acting as a base of operation for a faction, hosting larger gatherings or serving a public purpose, such as a storefront.

While the DM Team may contribute to furnishing a rental, this is an optional convenience performed at the discretion of an interested DM. The @spawn and carpentry systems should be used primarily to furnish these rentals. While we understand some may prefer to wait for a DM, it is not ideal to allow a property to sit vacant for several weeks in the process when it could be creating roleplay. Even should a DM be willing to offer assistance, this should be reserved only for those items that can not be added via the carpentry kit.

Rentals are part of the in-game world and in-character actions may lead to the loss of a rental. Furthermore, DMs may vacate rentals if they do not adhere to the aforementioned guidelines or are left inactive or vacant after being rented.

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Re: Persistent Rental System Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2023, 12:56:16 AM »
Bumping these guidelines. The number of rentals available are limited and they're meant to trade hands throughout the Community when they are no longer in use.

Additionally, please note that you cannot maintain the short term rentals as permanent facilities for your character. These are event spaces meant to be held long enough to prepare for and hold said event.
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