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Author Topic: Vallaki - Southern Forest  (Read 10485 times)


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Re: Vallaki - Southern Forest
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Sometime during the day, more footsteps could be heard approaching the banks of the River Luna. A paper is placed down by a woman, and a rock planted on top of it to keep it in place like the previous paper, the paper reads as follows:

Declaration of War

To the degenerations of Chauntea, your attempts on my life have failed, and I have returned to the hunt stronger, pray to Malar or whatever being you wish for for mercy, for I shall give you none.
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Re: Vallaki - Southern Forest
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Screams of agony, enraged shouts and horrible cries of bereavement would haunt those passing through the southern forest in the dead of night in recent days, originating most likely from deeper within the dense forest.

Those paying heed would be able to discern the words being shouted and repeated over and over again:

"Silver! Musushuu!"

The shoutings would die out after a while only to return the following night.


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Re: Vallaki - Southern Forest
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A lone shadow slinks about the southern forests in the night, leaving traces only skilled trackers would be able to discover. The shadows purpose unknown, though the tracks are more common in the deeper parts of the forest.
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