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OPEN CASTING CALL: Cherry Chouquette 🍒
« on: July 07, 2024, 01:32:40 AM »

Cherry Chouquette

Le Théâtre de la Cathédrale is now casting for Cherry Chouquette, a macabre piece characterized by an
exaggerated interplay of pastel tones and femininity. The narrative unfolds around a traveling bardic girl
group called the “Confectionaries”, who travel to the City of Lights to perform at their picnic each year.

The following roles, four female and one male, are now open for audition:
The ability to speak High Mordentish fluently is required.

♀  Cherry Chouquette
Speaking & Mezzo Soprano Vocals
♀  Pollie Parfait
Speaking & Counter Alto Vocals
♂  Paul Culliver
Speaking Role Only
♀  Lovelle Meringue
Speaking & Soprano Vocals
♀  Aimée Culliver (Crisp)
Speaking & Alto Vocals

Open auditions are to be held during the evening of Saturday, the 13th of July, 779 within the theatre.
If you are unable to make this date, please reach out to either Dr. R. Épineux or Mlle. C. Von Chéreau.

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