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Upcoming Changes - Looking for DM Mode
« on: May 24, 2024, 04:38:45 PM »

As you may have noticed, we have been reviewing our workflow mechanisms, and following a suggestion from one of our DMs, we will be implementing in our next update a new function to request technical assistance in-game: @lfdm mode.

If you need assistance from a DM for a technical matter, or a minor miscellaneous task (eg. renaming items, changing descriptions, etc.), you will be able to type @lfdm <Request Text> (eg. @lfdm Need to finish an approved remake on this character.). This will broadcast your request to online DMs so they are aware of it. Additionally, upon logging in, DMs will be informed of the number of players looking for DM assistance and using a DM command, they'll be able to parse the list of requests from players who are online. Finally, whenever you log in in @lfdm mode, DMs will be informed that you need assistance.

If the request is for an alt that you are not playing at the moment, you can activate @lfdm mode on the character you are playing. Once a request has been handled or is no longer needed, make sure to type @lfdm stop to stop appearing on the list.

NPC/Event requests should still be posted in the Generic Requests - NPC/Events Request topic since those require more follow up. You can still use the Generic Requests - Technical/Miscellaneous Requests, though we may phase it out at some point.

We hope this facilitates DM interactions.