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New Bug Reporting System
« on: May 23, 2024, 01:02:17 PM »

As briefly mentioned on the forums, we are piloting a ticketing system on Discord for bug reports. While you can still use the forums to report bugs, we have made available a ticketing system in Discord to file reports directly there, using Ticket Tool.

In order to report a bug, go to the ⁠submit-ticket channel on Discord, then in the dropdown menu, select Bug Report. You will be asked to fill a short form to provide details on the bug; if you need to add screenshots, you can do so afterwards. Once the bug has been submitted, a new private channel will be created that only you and the development team has access to. If need be, a developer may ask you further questions to investigate the bug. You can close a ticket at any time if you realize it wasn't a bug; otherwise, a member of the development team will close it once the bug has been fixed or if it's not a bug.

We are piloting this, so don't hesitate to report anything that doesn't work properly or ask any questions you may have. We may extend this to other requests in the future.

We hope this will encourage you to submit more bug reports so we can continue improving POTM.

The POTM Administration
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