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Dwarven Outreach - May 25th
« on: May 21, 2024, 08:41:36 PM »
Posted around the Mist Camp, Vallaki and various crossroads:

This Saturday the 25Th, in the early afternoon, Ulfberht the son of Ulfberht and Archon of the Archonodum will host an outreach event at the Lady's Rest Inn. We shall likely start out front before moving to the basement and later possibly move on to gather supplies from dangerous parts if more be needed. I and any others who chose to contribute will seek to supply the most needful materials to those of the Mountain Kin in good standing, then to any Dwarf friends or sworn protectors of the Refuge of Degannwy and other close allies.

Aside from some provision of weapons and armors and tools, we will seek to supply interested artisans of the Vallaki area with needful materials such as rarer metals, cinnabar ore, rare pelts, and unusual woods hard to obtain in this area, but needful in its environs. Likely just as valuable shall be the sharing of knowledge of where many such materials can be acquired.

Inquiries about contributions, and requests for types of unusual material within reason can be made of Ulfberht son of Ulfberht by sending a letter for him at the Keep of the Dryad.

Start time approx 11:00 am PST
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