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Author Topic: Re-Enabling Attack of Opportunity requires "@mode 12 on" rather than "@mode 12"  (Read 132 times)


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In-game, in combat with another player

Just now after the patch

While testing the Attack of Opportunity mode, we found that once you disable it, it cannot be re-enabled
We tested this with a Fighter and a Monk. The monk was equipped with throwing weapons.
The fighter was initially able to AoO the monk. After exiting combat, I entered @mode 12 to disable AoO, and that worked fine
Typing @mode 12 again to re-enable AoO does not seem to actually enable the ability to AoO
Typing "@mode 12 on" does

Explained in the above

Perhaps because AoO is not related to a feat or base ability, the functionality works differently

Additional Note:
There is no feedback when enabling/disabling Attack of Opportunity. Not sure if this could be implemented.
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This should now be fixed.