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Author Topic: [Port-a-Lucine] Now Hiring: Carpenters!  (Read 241 times)


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[Port-a-Lucine] Now Hiring: Carpenters!
« on: May 09, 2024, 12:32:21 AM »
Simple and direct notices are spread among the noticeboards of Port-a-Lucine.

Now Hiring: Carpenters!
For works of charity for the less fortunate

In an effort to ensure safe living conditions, House Détourné is in search of several capable and competent carpenters.
Tasks shall be dependent on the nature of the job, however, physical strength will be an absolute necessity.
Applicants are charged with presenting their name and work experience to the address below.
Applicants who have held long term residence within the Quartiers Marchand or Ouvrier shall be looked upon favorably.
Compensation shall be provided per completion of tasks provided at a rate of five thousand Solars.

Interested parties are asked to direct inquires to M. Auguste Détourné.
Le Conservatoire; Shop I, Rue Vauqelin, Quartier Savant.

Active: Auguste Détourné
Semi: Dominique Courvoisier, Syolkiir Ty'Athalae
Shelved: Elrebril Galuin
Closed: Solomon Valcourt, Nicolai Bratu