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The Astounding Tales of Feng Mein Shao
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Feng Mein Shao, scales shining bright white and radiant, ventured into the world of mortals.

Leaving behind the perilous troubles of the spirit world, he brought with him gifts for the people he met along the way.

"This is medicine. You will need this to heal, the poison that infects the heavens will turn gods' blessings into curses." He warned all the mortals.

Some listened, some did not. His favored pupils, Baosheng Dadi, Pien Chueh, Yao Weng, all became gods among men for heeding the words.

The heavens turned on these mortals that dared steal their secrets and challenge their reign, lightning and death facing them down.

Even in the face of the vengeful Creed of Heaven, the students that dared become healers and gods did not betray Feng Mein Shao.

"Medicine is for us all, not just who the Gods decide is worthy. We will never tell of the one that taught us." They all affirmed.

And so the wise Feng Mein Shao stole from the Heavens once more, and the souls of those men that kept his secret faithfully were saved from the clutches of the Red Death.

--Tales from the lost pages of Kong Qiu