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Hag Hunters Resource
« on: May 29, 2024, 02:37:46 PM »
The following is written in Balok
I have decided to keep a separate book for information on hags. I know a little information, but not as much as I want or need to know for the purpose Hala has given me. So from here on, this book shall include any and all information about hags, present or past sightings, their servants, and types. I will begin with the basic information my mother and other Halans have taught me. There are three main types of hag: sea hag, green hag, annis hag. Beyond that there are more rare ones that I have recently heard about from the former Wayfarer kinship; these are spectral hags, night hags and dawn hags. Together, at this point in my study, I know of six variant types of hag and will document further information on them including their anatomy.

It has taken me far longer than I would of hoped to realize what the dreams meant, but I do now. I have been tasked not with guarding the secrets of the faith, nor with the manipulation of the weave. Instead Hala has tasked me with a task of utmost importance, one that not many are suited to deal with, and that is hunting down the hags and their ilk. She has tasked me in finding those who have been corrupted, like Marissa was, those who have fallen prey to the manipulations and those who willingly serve.

At this time I know that hags have a increasing mark on their territory, corrupting it the longer they remain. Often this is found in displays of rot and disease in nature. Animals around a hag may be found ill more often, plants will decay and rot and life seems to withdraw from the area. Hags corrupt the very threads of reality, twisting it into vile reflections of themselves. Each hag has a preferred type of locale and preferred sort of servant. I've come to notice that green hags tend to associate with demons or devils for example, lysaga hill. Where as sea hags can be found associating with any type of theif, for the hag of Blaustein that is the reavers. The annis hag, the more physically adept of the hags takes in those who are powerful as well. In Barovia, the annis hag of the forest fane has taken banished vistani and ogres as her servants. They are almost as fierce as she is.

I have only gleamed fragments of information on the other hags, with the exception of the night hag which I was accused of being. Apparently they can travel through a persons dreams and feed off the energy of their nightmares and life force. Although I am not sure on this, I will endevor to learn more.

-First Hag Hunter of Hala, Sister Bogdan.
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