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Author Topic: Regalis presents: Ljot's Landing!  (Read 256 times)


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Regalis presents: Ljot's Landing!
« on: May 06, 2024, 12:45:37 PM »
Notices placed up in their usual areas, finely written.


~ Gold & Gossamer ~

Join us at the Gold and Gossamer for a chance to relax and shake off the burdens of the day to day. A new selection of drinks are on hand that will challenge both your tastes and your constitution. As well, Knijpse, Cloudberry Wine, and a lightweight Grog will be available for those less adventurous. We ask that you do not bring your own beverages to our establishment so that we can encourage you to find something new and exotic in life. Repeated instances will be met with a removal of your person for the night.

The Gold and Gossamer welcomes you Thursday, May 16th for a night of song, dance, drinking, and dice! Ljot’s Landing is your opportunity to dress up in fancy and exciting costumes (in good taste for local laws), wear masks, and hear songs from the seas and from lands unknown! Our special drink “Death in the Afternoon” will surely set the mood for your fun activities.

Buy tickets for our raffle, the prize being one item of the winner's choice crafted from the finest Red Steel by our master blacksmiths or a collection of four Red Steel ingots! Tickets are Five Thousand solars a piece so don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity!   

5PM EST, under the mutinied sailor. Sometimes the door resets to get in so be patient! Also, do not rest or log out in the rental as you may be trapped there during a server reset or a crash!

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