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Sermon at the Sanctuary of Eternal dawn by Acolyte Sorinia



--- Quote ---
"From death, life, the dawn shall always come"

Sermon at the Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn

When darkness slowly spreads across the land, ones heart seems lost and alone, the Morninglord shall provide succor

April 12th, 779 come dawn there will be a sermon by Acolyte Sorinia Vasilescu, her first of hopefully many, this one titled 'Loss'. So please show for this sermon to show your support to our Acolyte and hear her words of the and thoughts.

After the sermon there shall be a chance to ask questions, talk to a Dawnbringer or simply have a warm meal prepared by the Congregation.

"Let each act be undertaken in Your Name and be the herald of a new beginning."

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[An addition to the notice is made.]

--- Quote ---This sermon will be held upon the curfew bell's ringing at dusk, after the congregation has gathered.

All will be welcome to stay, even after the sermon has ended, until the dawn rises once more.

Dawnbringers will be present for any needs, meals and tea will be served.
--- End quote ---

//5pm in-game will be the gathering time, due to IRL availabilities! Sorry folks. The countdown applies.

//This is now.


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