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Author Topic: [Issue #1] ~ L'Ombre : The Shadow of Port-A-Lucine ~  (Read 250 times)


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[Issue #1] ~ L'Ombre : The Shadow of Port-A-Lucine ~
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A newcomer to the world of newspapers makes its presence known, with folded sheets bearing the bold title "L'Ombre" scattered across the sidewalks of every district in town.
Issue #1

... The Premises ...

As society evolves and shifts, so too must the inhabitants of our town. The era of L'Ombre, dear readers, has now dawned—a void birthed, a void fulfilled.
L'Ombre is akin to a shadow, weaving the tapestry of events in Port A Lucine. It takes no allegiance, supporting both the downtrodden and the elite, justice and law alike.
For L'Ombre believes that every action begets a reaction, and if your deeds are chronicled in these pages, then it is the consequence you have wrought upon yourself.

I. Semaine de la Mode
II. Thriving Intelligence - University of Dementlieu
III. The Golden Era Of Entertainment ?
IV. The Red Vardo Traders Grand Auction
V. News From Aboard
VI. Small Talks, Shoutouts, Advertisements.

I. Semaine De La Mode

The Port A Lucine fashion week is poised to be the standout event of the year, with its meticulous organization and grandeur. Spanning three days from the 15th to the 19th of April, each day promises a unique and exciting fashion experience. Spearheaded by The Red Vardo Traders, under the management of M. Auguste Détourné, in collaboration with the esteemed Théâtre de la Cathédrale, the event is primed for success.

Without further ado, let us delve into a preview of this spectacular affair. This year's theme, "Blossoming Spring," (so you better get your flowers right) sets the stage for a vibrant and captivating showcase of fashion.

Day one, on the 15th of April, will feature a one-of-a-kind auction, (who would have thought with the Traders, right?) offering the most fashionable accessories of the age. While there is an admission fee of 300 solars, a generous gesture has been extended to the inhabitants of the Marchand and Ouvrier districts, who will enjoy free tickets. However, it is worth noting that Drows and Calibans will not be permitted to attend any events throughout the week.

Day two, known as "The Runway," will take place on the 17th of April at the Théâtre de la Cathédrale. Here, the finest outfits crafted by designers will be showcased, with votes cast for the best ensemble. Both local and foreign fashion will grace the runway, adhering to the themed week's color palette.

Finally, the Fashion Week culminates in the Timeless Gala on April 19th. Picture a scene of opulence, with crystal glasses, elegant attire, and enchanting music filling the air … and fifty thousand solars?! Yes, dear reader, polish your spectacles for a raffle boasting a grand prize of 50,000 solars will be the highligh of the event. As with previous events, the same rules and admission fees apply, ensuring a seamless conclusion to this illustrious affair.

We eagerly anticipate bearing witness to the unfolding of these events and pledge to report faithfully on the happenings throughout the week. Here's to the organizers, and may their endeavors be met with the utmost success.

II. Thriving Intelligence - University of Dementlieu

Nurturing the intellects of the youth to unprecedented heights has become a hallmark of the University's recent endeavors.
While the prospect of penning an article about academia may have seemed unlikely to me in the past, the events of the past year have propelled the institution into the limelight. With meticulous organization, an array of courses, and carefully curated curricula tailored to each student, the University has emerged as a beacon of activity within the City of Lights.

Amidst the backdrop of political upheaval that has gripped our fair city in recent times, the bustling halls of the University have stolen the show, captivating attention and fostering an environment of scholarly pursuit unlike any other.
Such a feat is no small achievement, and it is only fitting that we extend our gratitude to Dr. Rosalie Epineux, whose leadership as head of the Medical Sciences Office and her role within the administration have played a pivotal role in the University's success. A woman of remarkable proficiency, Dr. Epineux's contributions extend beyond academia, as she is also renowned for her service as a Gendarme under our esteemed Republic—a topic deserving of its own discourse in future articles.

With unwavering support from the Ombres under the auspices of this newspaper, the University stands poised to flourish even further. However, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the importance of timely payments for tuition fees, lest one find themselves subject to the deterrents in place for late payers. Let us continue to champion the pursuit of knowledge and the flourishing of academic endeavors within our beloved city.

III. The Golden Era Of Entertainment ?

El Cazador Tabacaria

In the unlikeliest of locales, a cigar emporium has taken root, defying all expectations with its enduring presence. Catering to a discerning clientele who harbor a deep appreciation for the rich, indulgent flavors of fine tobacco, the establishment has found a niche within the vibrant Port A Lucine. The mastermind behind El Cazador's Tabacaria is none other than Angel Valdés, who has been running the business for a good nearly two months with resounding success.

Having personally sampled a bespoke selection of cigars crafted by Valdés himself, I can attest to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that permeates every puff. Moreover, the Tabacaria boasts a unique policy allowing patrons to bring their own libations, ensuring that the focus remains squarely on the main attraction: cigars.

Embracing the ethos of inclusivity, the establishment warmly welcomes individuals from all walks of life, regardless of background or station. With a steadfast commitment to upholding the esteemed standards of Port A Lucine.

For those intrigued by this tantalizing prospect, the Tabacaria extends an invitation to its next opening on the 31st, promising an evening of revelry and card games. Nestled within the opulent confines of the Chateaux de Luxemont's parlor room, the lounge beckons aficionados and gamblers alike to partake in an unforgettable experience.

The Dragonfly Emporium : The Ol’Bess

With the 24th marking the triumphant third opening, arguably the most spectacular thus far, The Ol'Bess has firmly cemented its status as a premier destination within the illustrious City of Lights. Under the adept stewardship of  Clavicus Umbrax of the Traders, this ship-themed tavern has breathed new life into Port A Lucine's social scene, offering patrons an immersive experience steeped in maritime culture.

At the helm of culinary delights is the esteemed Nordic chef, Frida, whose meticulously crafted menu tantalizes the taste buds with a symphony of flavors previously unexplored. Each dish is a testament to her culinary expertise, promising a dining experience like no other. Complementing this gastronomic journey are the tavern's signature trio of drinks, each bearing evocative names reminiscent of the sea's boundless allure.

In a nod to friendly competition, The Ol'Bess recently hosted a cigar night, perhaps in playful rivalry with the esteemed Tabacaria. However, it was yesterday's trivia event that truly stole the spotlight, inviting participants to test their knowledge of the mysterious Sea of Sorrow. The turnout was staggering, with eager contenders vying for the coveted prize, the identity of which will not be made public ( given it was quite a bag they brought home! ).

As anticipation mounts for the next grand opening, one can't help but wonder what imaginative offerings await within the vibrant walls of this bustling tavern. With each event surpassing the last in both scale and spectacle, The Ol'Bess continues to capture the imagination of all who dare to step aboard its storied decks.

IV. The Red Vardo Traders Grand Auction

The perennial debate surrounding the relationship between The Red Vardo Trader's branches in Vallaki and Port has long cast a shadow over other rumors within our midst. However, one thing remains indisputable: the Guild's sterling reputation precedes it, with a legacy of excellence in showcasing the finest and most exotic wares across the vast expanse of the Core. Theirs is a realm where disappointment finds no harbor, and where mastery reigns supreme.

To dispel any lingering doubts, dear reader, allow me to illuminate a recent spectacle: the RVT's joint auction held within the storied halls of The Dyad Keep.
This grand affair, which drew throngs of eager participants, was a testament to the Guild's unrivaled prowess in orchestrating both success and substantial financial gain. While discretion prevents me from divulging the specifics of transactions, rest assured that whispers of the event's success will echo far and wide.

At the helm of this majestic endeavor stood none other than Captain Almerino Delafuerte Delmar, a venerable figure in the annals of Port-a-Lucine, alongside Vallaki branch Captain Anzhela Marinova.
These seasoned leaders, well-versed in the art of navigating treacherous fiscal waters, steered the event with finesse and aplomb, ensuring a smooth sailing journey from inception to fruition.
In tribute to the esteemed Guild, whose mastery knows no bounds, L'Ombre extends its sincerest homage.

V. News From Abroad


A funeral like none before.

Amidst great anticipation and solemnity, the highly publicized funeral rites for Thoraxus of House Thuul unfolded on the 23rd of March. The casket, befitting of royalty, stood as a testament to the stature of the departed, its grandeur and size perfectly matching the imposing presence of the deceased. Indeed, it was a sight unlike any other I had beheld, adorned with resplendent gold embellishments and adorned with intricate imagery, a reflection, perhaps, of the legendary “Iron Paradise” Hazlani so often refer to.

VI. Small Talks

May it never be whispered that our illustrious City lacks compassion for the downtrodden. In recent weeks, a heartwarming trend has emerged, as anonymous benefactors have taken it upon themselves to provide sustenance to those in need. Such acts of kindness and generosity serve as a beacon of hope in these uncertain times, demonstrating the innate goodness and compassion that resides within our community. Let us not overlook these noble gestures, for they remind us of the power of empathy and the importance of extending a helping hand to those less fortunate.

Lost Heirloom: A distressed noblewoman laments the loss of her cherished family heirloom—a golden locket adorned with a sapphire gemstone. A handsome reward awaits the noble soul who returns this precious keepsake to its rightful owner.

Shades of Port, feel free to send your articles to us, signed or not.
To any accomodation, we accept correspondence, addressed to ...

Clavicus Umbrax, Editor, Founder and Shadow

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