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[The paper has been washed away by rain, and is not replaced.]

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sought to keep safe their

I come from Lamordia to view and study the many wonders and horrors that Barovia
hides. As is necesarry in dangerous lands, I am in need of trustworthy and capable
women to act as my guides and keep me safe during my intrepid exploration.

Enough blunt-headed stinky soldiermen have previously been assigned to me that, given
the chance to make my own decisions, I shall only hire women who will value and treasure
me, and with whom I can actually develop more intimate relationships.

For now my allowance affords me to pay one hundred (100) gold coins per hour,
with the opportunity of long-term contracts in the future.

If you are interested then you may leave a message at the various inns in and
around Vallaki, addressed to 'Gertrude Lambert'. Please note that I will not openly
reveal my background and standing; this is for my own safety and not meant as
a gesture of disrespect or dismissal.

May the winter be kind to you.

This is not a creation of a player faction or group; PCs can continue to freely and openly be involved in whatever they want to do.
Playing together will be low demand, casual, spontaneous, and for facilitating RP connections, traveling/dungeoning/exploring while RPing, with the possibility of getting involved in Gertrude's more risk-heavy story hooks.
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