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Sermon at the Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn



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"Morninglord, Watcher of the Dawn, Lord of Life, grant me your beacon of holy Sun..."

Sermon at the Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn

When darkness slowly spreads across the land, ones heart seems lost and alone, the Morninglord shall provide succor and hope.

March 16th, 779 come dawn there will be a sermon to inspire hope and warmth, no need to be a follower of his light or a wish to convert, all are welcome to hear his message and receive his blessings.

The subject for the sermon shall be one of the loss we may feel in life but also that there will always be another dawn. As well as a farewell to the Vasilescu family.

After the sermon there shall be a chance to ask questions, talk to a Dawnbringer or simply have a warm meal prepared by the Congregation.

"Thy light guide my step, thy first rays of dawn warm my heart..."

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