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Author Topic: [Drain] A Dread Bounty  (Read 496 times)


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[Drain] A Dread Bounty
« on: March 13, 2024, 07:18:13 PM »

Let it be known, by immortal decree of Lady Irina Cosovei the man known as Dawnbringer Lucian is wanted, dead. His life is worth ten thousand wolf fang, for he was warned against trespassing and did not take heed. My words are not mere idle threats.

Deliver his severed head to the mortals faithful to my cause and be richly rewarded in both coin and favor. This glorious deed is to serve as a grim reprimand for all who defy the old night.

A disclosure to the perpetrator, I am merciful indeed. If you would bend the knee before me to beg for clemency, your transgression and this price upon your brow shall be forgotten.

Asa Vine Noaptea.
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