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Toman Radova
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Toman was born to one of the small farming houses of the Village of Barovia, his father an outlander had a strong desire for power that he alone could not achieve. Believing the key to power was control of the Legion, he began plotting his own course of power. Young Toman was about five when he was kicked in the back of the head by a bull, managing to survive but taking severe skull damage and some brain injury which impairs his speech and his ability to understand some logic, though he is often smarter then he appears.

Tobias deemed his son a waste to make anything of value such as Garda, that might have given him power, so began a darker plot, his would make his own twisted monster, create his own Legion. He moved the boy into a hidden space under the floor and told most people that asked that the boy had died of the head injury. His vile temper and anger keeping Ivana very quiet as he began going out at night, killing as needed and bringing back the remains of the dead, feeding them to the boy.

His cruelty and coldness continued until the boy was a young adult. Raising him on the flesh of humans, and keeping him segregated from people. His mother a kind soul and quiet follower of Ezra, tried to teach him small bits of Ezra when she could, which was not very often. Of course, evil never goes unnoticed.

One night the father raced back, ducking into the house as several dark beasts of what they only knew as the "Legion" raced in, ripping his mother apart, then chasing after the father as he, being the coward he was, fled, leaving them both to die. The sun rose to the deathly quiet as the young man peeked up from the crawl space, seeing his mother ripped apart, blood everywhere as he looked around, the front door open, and no sign of his father.
Knowing he could no longer remain there, as monsters were not truly welcome in the Village, he left for Vallaki, seeking vengeance on his father, hating him, and ever so hungry...