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Sajjad Sergeitsu
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Sajjad Sergeitsu was born under the gloomy skies of Ravenloft. Raised in a remote village on the fringes of the Demiplane of Dread, Sajjad exhibited an early fascination with ancient tomes and arcane knowledge. His family, aware of the perils that lurked in the shadows, cautiously nurtured his scholarly inclinations.

Tragedy struck when a malevolent specter targeted Sajjad's village, drawn to the forbidden knowledge that echoed through the Ravenloft winds. In the midst of chaos, Sajjad's family perished, leaving him as the sole survivor. The village elders, recognizing the innate magical potential within him, urged Sajjad to seek refuge within the walls of Vallaki, where a reclusive mage known as the Lorekeeper took in promising students.

Within the village's cold wooden walls, Sajjad became an apprentice to the enigmatic Lorekeeper, a keeper of ancient texts and forbidden lore. Under the Lorekeeper's tutelage, Sajjad delved into the arcane arts, learning to decipher cryptic spells and harness the dark energies that permeated Ravenloft.

As a beginner wizard, Sajjad struggled to make sense of the mysteries that surrounded him. The shadows of Ravenloft whispered secrets, and the Lorekeeper's guidance unveiled glimpses of a greater truth. Sajjad, however, felt the weight of a mysterious curse that seemed to cling to him, distorting his magical abilities and casting an ominous shadow over his future.

Haunted by the loss of his family and driven by a thirst for knowledge, Sajjad resolved to venture beyond the village's confines. Armed with a basic understanding of magic and a few cryptic scrolls gifted by the Lorekeeper, he set out into the misty unknown, determined to unravel the secrets of Ravenloft and, perhaps, find a way to break the curse that bound him to the Demiplane of Dread.

Sajjad Sergeitsu's journey as a wizard is one of discovery, survival, and the pursuit of arcane enlightenment in the face of the oppressive shadows that define Ravenloft. The misty expanse awaits him, concealing both peril and potential revelations as he navigates the unpredictable path that lies ahead.
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