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Author Topic: The Cursed Echo: A Chronicle of Hatred  (Read 147 times)


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The Cursed Echo: A Chronicle of Hatred
« on: February 21, 2024, 09:34:50 PM »

In the dimly lit confines of a Rashemi slave's quarters, a young girl with chestnut brown hair and haunted sage eyes knelt on the cold, unforgiving floor. Her thin frame trembled with the anticipation of the yearly ritual—a summons from her master, a twisted gift bestowed upon her every birthday. The master, clad in the shadowy vestiges of authority, beckoned her to kneel before him.

"Jazene," he intoned with a voice like a serpent's hiss, "it is time for your yearly gift." The girl, her name whispered in the cold corridors of servitude, lowered herself to the floor, submitting to the cruel whims of her master. The air was thick with tension as she braced herself for what was to come.

As she knelt, the master began the dark tradition—the recounting of her sordid history, a tale woven with threads of anguish and despair. The words, like a malevolent incantation, echoed in the small chamber, binding her to the shackles of her tormented past.

"Listen closely, wretched abomination, as I take perverse pleasure in weaving the loathsome tale that marks the anniversary of your cursed birth. A Barovian elf, a despicable creature, found his way to a Rashemi slave, ensnaring her in the dark dance of forbidden desire.

From that tainted union, a seed of abomination took root, destined to blossom into the grotesque creature that stands before me now— you, Jazene. Born on the day of your mother's demise, you emerged into the world as a harbinger of despair, a living embodiment of the curse that clings to your accursed blood.

Your treacherous mother, driven by a desperate thirst for freedom, concocted a venomous plan. The foul alchemy coursed through her veins, a coward's gambit to sever the chains that bound her. Yet, the Fates, in their perverse mirth, spared me from her deceit, allowing her to face the executioner's blade. But not before she stole from me. Stole the life of my wife, my children—your betters. Stole the future of this family, my future. And yet, here you are. Still a burden about my neck. It is only by the very mercy of the Lawgiver you live at all.

On that day—the very day you drew your first, cursed breath—your mother's fate was sealed. She faced the cold, unyielding justice of Hazlan's laws, her execution a macabre spectacle for all to witness. Bound and shackled, she stood defiant even in the face of impending doom. The executioner's blade fell, severing her from the tormented existence she had chosen. We told her you were fed to the dogs. She wailed like a banshee in her grief. Perhaps we still yet will let them have you. And so, you were left behind, a twisted relic of that accursed night, a constant reminder of her betrayal and your abominable nature.

Now, each year, on this solemn day—the anniversary of your wretched birth—I recount this tale. My gift to you. A solemn tradition, a dark inheritance from your stained lineage. May the weight of your existence be the shackles that bind you, an unending penance for the abominable blood that courses through your veins, a living testament to the twisted legacy of your half-elven abomination."

The master's words hung in the air, each sentence laced with venomous disdain. Jazene knelt in silence, absorbing the cruel narrative that shaped her existence—a relentless barrage of hatred and contempt. The master reveled in the torment, his eyes cold and unforgiving, as if relishing the opportunity to etch further scars upon her already burdened soul.

Upon the conclusion of the tale, the master's hand, clad in cruel authority, produced a whip—an instrument of torment that had become an unwelcome companion in her cursed existence. The girl's eyes closed tight, and she made no protest as the first lash cut through the air.

The whip, a merciless conductor of pain, kissed her flesh with a searing sting. The girl's body, marked by scars and the legacy of servitude, bore the torment in stoic silence. The master, reveling in the perverse dance of power, continued the ritual with each lash, each stroke etching a line of torment on her delicate skin.

The girl's frame shuddered with each impact, the whip leaving its cruel signature—a mosaic of pain that painted her back in shades of agony. The echoes of the whip's cruel kiss mingled with her silent sobs, a symphony of suffering that reverberated in the chamber.

As the final lash landed, the master, sated by the twisted spectacle, dismissed her with a dismissive wave.

"Go to bed, Jazene, I'll most likely kill you in the morning," He sneered, the words dripping with the venom of his malevolence.

“Promises, promises.” The girl thought to herself. The twisted proclamation, a grim refrain repeated each year, hung in the air like a chilling specter, casting a pall over the young girl's already burdened soul. Yet, with a quiet resignation that mirrored the shadows embracing her, she found herself harboring a secret wish—a yearning that this time, perhaps, the morning would bring the release of death's cold embrace.

Years passed in the grim dance of torment until one fateful night. The master, after uttering his ominous declaration, retreated to his chamber, leaving the girl alone in the oppressive silence. As the moon cast its silvery glow upon the slave's quarters, the master went to bed and simply did not wake up.

Whispers of suspicion tiptoed through the dim corridors, suggesting a clandestine hand at work, veiled in shadows. The once-omniscient master, whose cruelty had carved indelible scars on the girl's flesh, now lay silent in the embrace of an eternal slumber. The chamber, once a theater of malevolence, now echoed with ghostly tendrils of unanswered questions, as the subtle scent of bitter revenge hung in the air.

This night.... the first time in many nights: the girl slept.
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