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Nevermore Nights Celebration



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Dawn's Blessings to people of Vallaki, travelers and outlanders those who stay in Western Outskirt!

We, Congregation of Lake Zarovich of Morninglord, we invite you all to celebration of Nevermore Nights! At 3rd Day of the 12th Month, we will have gathering on the Shore of Lake Zarovich.

We will sing, pray, perform play, having games, having food and donation stands, having decorations and memorials for our previous members. We shall greet the Dawn all together. No matter which religion you're in, we all have right to share our cheer, hope and food to stay strong in the cold and dark Night.

What's Nevermore Nights? It's a holiday of Morninglord, a yearly celebration. It happens during the winter, followers of Morninglord are staying all together, having activities to spread Morninglord's message during the cold and darkest night and support each other and people in need.

Song & Storytelling Contest! We will have prizes for between writers that will be performed in the festival. We expect songs or stories about one of these concepts Sun, Hope, Love, Salvation. Feel free to come with any idea, the point is we expect something would warm our souls while listening this during the night.

Special Thanks! Thank you Burgomaster of Vallaki, Garda for the permission of festival and support. Thank to Corporal Amanar for her politeness that answered my request in this regard.

Rules! The rules exist in Vallaki Municipality will be exist in the festival as well. We expected to act without excess behaviors. Clergy members will be allowed to hold weapons for the protections. Merchants those who have license they can open their stands. People who have no trouble with laws of Vallaki, they're free to come to festival. We will be waived from the curfew, in the decided festival area. 

Location: It's a little east from the Docks of Vallaki, it's close to where Megan's Herbalist Shop.

- Dawnspear Amakiir

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OOC: For the date, The event will take long, so those from different time zones might have chance to join!

// Edit: There was a misunderstanding on the time, fixed!

// This is today!

// This will start in next IC morning! (Around one and half hour)  We're going to do this at the time intended, apologies for the confusing!


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