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Bartholomos Pain
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Bartholomos lived with his small family of half-orcs in the far northeastern reaches of Faérun. There, he honed his skill to become a shaman, destined to take on the role as a seer. They hated outsiders, making him devote every moment of his life to his role, and while not, protecting the solitary existence of the kin.

Through his days, Bartholomos helped deterring travellers who came to close. It was not uncommon for him to retrieve the fallen, both friends and foe, dissecting them and trading the valuable cut meat to the wealthtier, or stronger half-orcs who lived in closeby territory. As a tastament to a successful hunt, he often found himself peddling these remains. Harboring a growing fondness for the more asaesthetically pleasing pieces- Those he had witnessed fighting with revealed limbs particularly caught his interest. The family at its core, hated those closeby humans who killed so many of their kin.  So the primal half-orc sought the guidance of spirits, divining from bones or invoking rituals to seek the spirits for directions to fight the enemy. The more of his tribe that died, the more infused anger and hatred boiled inside of him- he curses these evils, as more he had known, fell.

A hatred so deep he'd turn on his own. After slaughtering a nearby family who built too closeby, Barholomos's looked to his wife confronted her having discovered a half-orc child in a cradle, they asked him to let the families mother live. In distaste, and defiance, he lashed out at his bethroted with sharp selected words, condeming their softness, and swearing to the spirits he would sever their weak-blood if he must. The child should be boiled before the mothers eyes, before ending her too.

In time, Bartholomos got himself a son. This young life tragically was taken away prematurely, and his wife abducted. Driven by grief and fury, he planned his revenge, tracked down the group of human mercenaries. Orchestrating a planned attack on his own, only to be paralyzed by the sight of his son impaled upon a spear. Fueled by a blind rage he wasn't able to avoid making a fatal mistake, ending up getting captured by the very same group he intended to defeat. He was subject to relentless torture and unspeakable torment. Through it all, with his wife there too, his loathing to his captors remained undying. . . Even through death.

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