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Re: Evenin Nightspawn
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I have 0 details on this specific circumstance (I think it was a totally harmless suggestion) but if you were going to set a precedent on the matter of making PCs into "killables" post-closure, it would probably be to give them the same treatment a certain someone in Sithicus got.

A rare chance occurrence where they appear on unpathable ground - on a cliff above the playable area, or across a chasm/body of water. Just standing there for a little while, watching the players. Shortly after they are triggered to spawn, they wander off into the mists again.

Bonus points if sometimes, they'd spawn alongside a random rival NPC, battle for a short time, and then either disappear as the mists swallow them up again, or they are forced to retreat from each other by some remarkable misty phenomenon.

It'd be a cool easter egg. I get why people have their reservations about this kind of thing though.
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Re: Evenin Nightspawn
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While my opinion means little while I'm on hiatus, I feel compelled to comment here, if only because people keep bringing this up to me.

To me, this kind of thing cheapens closure.  It is allowing characters to continue to participate in the shared narrative, without the player having to undertake any of the consequences of the shared narrative.  Closure is just that: closure.  It isn't an award to be gained, an achievement to add to a list, or clout to be accumulated.  It can confer those things - but not in and of itself, but rather, by the character having an impactful and well-written story that other players remember.  This is the reward of closure: the satisfying end of a story.  If the end is not satisfying, then you probably closured prematurely.
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Re: Evenin Nightspawn
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