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Author Topic: Fostering a Stronger, More Transparent Community: A Thoughtful Proposal  (Read 4724 times)


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Re: Fostering a Stronger, More Transparent Community: A Thoughtful Proposal
« Reply #100 on: September 23, 2023, 06:25:56 AM »
Which is why I said in my post to stop caring. It's unlikely anyone is going to care about your suggestion that someone asked several months ago. If you want something changed, apply to be on staff. I have several suggestions that I want to tell the staff and other players but I just know it wouldn't be listen to. So yeah, stop caring so much to put up all these threads and suggestions and just play the game. Report or don't report. Maybe something will happen, maybe not. If someone is harassing you or disrupting your roleplay just ignore it. This is volunteer work after all for a video game after all. It's not that serious.

I promised myself not to get in this debate and I won't, but if you do have several suggestions to send the staff, do so. We always consider them, though we might disagree and not act on them. Transparency is required both ways, not just on the staff side and communication is the key. Keeping those suggestions to yourself won't change anything either.

And I repeat it, because it seems to have been lost in the discussion, a new role is coming in which players will be called to participate and help with the various admin tasks. More to be announced once ready. It should have a much beneficial impact for us all.
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