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Attention, fellow adventurers and seekers of fortune!

Are you in need of reliable protection, daring escapades, or specialized services? Look no further than The Golden Shilling Brotherhood!
From private guard services to thrilling adventures, and from teaching valuable lessons to offering herbalist, alchemist, and smithing expertise, our team of seasoned professionals is here to cater to your needs!

Price List for The Golden Shilling Brotherhood Services:

Private Guard Service: Ensure your safety with our skilled mercenaries.
Price: Varied based on duration and level of risk.

Protective Chants Before Going on a Mission: Better Safe than sorry that's a must-do! Take some extra protection with you, before entering in any-monster-den!
Price: 400 Fangs per person warded 

Adventure around Vallaki: Join our experienced team on thrilling expeditions in the Vallaki region.
Price: Starting from 1500 per Mercenary, you pay us the money, and keep the loot for youself!

Rescue Mission: Need someone extracted from a dangerous situation? Our specialized team will handle the operation.
Price: Determined on a case-by-case basis.

Teaching Lessons on Various Matters: Learn from our knowledgeable experts in combat techniques, survival skills, and more.
Price: Starting from 1000 fangs per teaching session!

Herbalist, Alchemist and Smithing Services: Our skilled craftmen provide an all-around of services that can improve your life as an adventurer around the Misty lands! Prices will be revealed in privately.

Please note that prices are subject to negotiation based on the specific requirements and complexity of each service. For further details and customized quotes, contact The Golden Shilling Brotherhood's Marshall Zalbaag Hyrule.

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Parchmets are pinned up in the Mist Camp



Wares and Services

- Display of Wares -
Don't be scared from the price, weak soul! If you have an offer that can be adeguate, feel free to propose it.

Slayer Robe - 8000
Want to fuse with the shadows and act in silence? This is yer garb.
Herbert's Bronze Handaxe - 7000 (12000 if you take the couple)
For whoever want to cut and melt in acid his foes at the same time.
Hammer of Banishment - 7000
Good to plant a nail or kill a Fire elemental infesting your garden
Mace of the Fallen Star - 8000
Smashing heads with a nice sound and regain energy from enemy blood... what else do ye want?
Stylish performance Boots - 5000
Well... tired of Shoes made of rags and potatoes in old barovian fashion style? Here... best investment to find a wife.
Gentleman's Sabre - 5000
Well it's a sabre... pretty weird one to be honest but seems that the people down in port tend to like it a lot.
Van Richten Excerpts - 8000
Among the best book of stories to tell around the fire... and then burn the book, just in case.

Improved Imp Blade - 4000
A magnificent piece of blade, good from slicing bread, carving woods, murdering your husband, cutting the roast.
Armor of the skull - 10000
Well ye all know what's this things does ain't it?
White robe of solinari - 13000
Being fashioned an' powerfull... all that a wizard may want from his life.
Lamellar cuirrass - 3000
Took enough hits and starting to feel bored to deal with it? here's yer thing.
Sandals of the outcast -2000
If you can use them, you -should- use them.
Amulet of natural armor +1 - 1500
harder skin means harder to be knocked out.
Lesser magic bags - 1000
Those are always handy.
Vampire hide - 2000
We ain't sure this is real vampire skin... but it does it's job against mundane weapons.
Boots of striding - 2000
Running fast means not die fast.
Moonfriend - 3000
If you'r worshipped god forgot to bless you with a good amount of his power to deal with undeads, well... this can fix that empty spot.
Amulet of Extension - 3000
Longer is better ain't it? Also for spells.
Amulet of the ravenous Wolf - 2500
Feelin alone and in need of a companion? Here we are... this amulet will help you getting a huge one!
Ice Cutter 6000
A light pick axe, good for smashing theets out your enemy face and to cold the drink
Kadave Zahar - 5000
Listen... i thought this katar name was "cadaver" and since he can do both negative and acid damages i think the name is somehow related to that.
E pluribus Unum - 15000
Thinking using a bastard sword can't give you more satisfaction? Well this one can.

Anatomist Compendium - Accepting offers
Tired of Disembowel your friends when trying to fix his broken pinkie? Here we are, this gonna surely help you out.
Ring of the Hierophant - Accepting Offers
For the ones that thinks the druids are just a bunch of twisted people turning into animals and peeing around marking their terrotory well... they can use also some spells, and this ring will help casting more of them.
Medusa Severed Head - Accepting offers -
Well this come in help if ye dun have a girlfriend A mighty beast slained by our mighty Mercenaries! Can turn peoples into stone and scares the hells out of cats.

Leave a message at Dyad with requested item, offers or services //ooc sed me a pm here =) //
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New Flyers are placed around Mistcamp and Vallaki
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