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Silver-Tongued Sithican
« on: September 14, 2023, 03:25:28 AM »
On a foggy moon lit morning in Har-Thelen an elf wearing House Elevashe colors is sighted atop a high tower in the estate, visible only from the lamplight escaping the doorway behind him. Slowly he looks below to the surrounding rivers and forests, brushing a stray strand of black hair for a better view. In a high tenor voice the Sithican sings:

"My heart has always been for you to keep,
in silver bands that glitter bright at night.
Without a word you leave, the tears we weep,
the ground beneath your feet all turned upright."

"Left behind land trickles to deep blackness.
A stone shadow looms above the masses,
once savage hands driven into madness.
Never again will he step on grasses."

"Gray groves are filled with songs you use to sing.
A solemn march with steps as old as time.
The rising sun we kin will always bring,
protecting dirt bodies from further crime."

"Our ears slowly forget your silver voices.
Remember! There are no other choices."
//*First time making a sonnet! Fun to make, always open to positive feedback!*

The last hissed note of the eerie song is held long before he closes his eyes and bows low to the floor pausing for a moment to listen to a silent applause from his audience below. As suddenly as he appeared the light from the doorway is extinguished and with it the elf.
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