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Author Topic: Gar's Shoppe of Magical Wondrousness!  (Read 532 times)


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Gar's Shoppe of Magical Wondrousness!
« on: August 22, 2023, 04:45:50 PM »
[Flyers are posted up at the Mist Camp's Keep of the Dyad]

The best wares from the Greatest Locksmith in the Core!


9th Circle:
Black Blade of Disaster- 1 Million Solars or Best Offer!
Meteor Swarm-  250,000 or Best Offer!
Wail of the Banshee- 250,000 or Best Offer!

8th Circle:
Sunburst- 150,000 or Best Offer!
Horrid Wilting-125,000 or Best Offer!
Incendiary Cloud-125,000 or Best Offer!
Premonition- 100,000 or Best Offer!
Blackstaff- 75,000 or Best Offer!
Mindblank- 50,000 or Best Offer!

7th Circle:
Ethereal Jaunt- 25,000
Protection fro Spells-10,000
Finger of Death-5,000
Mordenkainens Sword- 5,000

6th Circle:
Tensers Transformation-3,500
Flesh to Stone-3,000
Globe of Invulnerability- 3,000
Mass Cats Grace- 3,000
Mass Bulls Strength- 3,000
Mass Owls Wisdom- 3,000
Mass Foxes Cunning-3,000
Mass Eagles Splendor-3,000


Abjurers Mask- 100,000


Midnighters Cape-30,000
Cloak of Stone-20,000
Cape of the Firebath-4,000
Cloak of Confidence-2,000


Robes of the Shinning Hand- 20,000
Armor of the Skull-8,000
Ovates Robes- 3,500
Druids Ceremonial Robes- 2,000
Vampire Hide- 2,000


Gloves of Zuoken-20,000
Fists of Andral-20,000
Crimson Dragonhide Bracers-8,000
Marsons Gloves-5,000
Gloves of Silver Flame-2,000
Hands of Dusk-2,000
Bracers of the Mermen-1,000
Merchants Gloves-1,000


Amulet of Acid Resistance-5,000
Amulet of Electrical Resistance-5,000
Amulet of Fire Resistance 4,000
Amulet of Deathward-3,000
Hunters Chance-2,500
Spirit's Boon- 2,500
Amulet of Mask-2,000


Ring of Holiness-25,000
Mystical Ouroboros-10,000
Nerulls's Eye-8,000
Link of Broken Chains-6,000
Ring of Insight-3,500
Keepers Guide-3,000
Shadowvar Ring-2,500
Jackal's Ring- 1,500
Ring of Resilience-1,500
Serpents Ring-1,000
Ring of Good Health-800
Band of Isis-250


Archers Belt-60,000
Belt of the Camel- 5,000
Belt of Grounding-4,000
Pistolier's Holster-4,000
Gold Belt of the Unfettered Tiger-3,000


Boots of Tumbling-4,000
Sandals of the Outcast-2,500



Staff of the Master Warmage-250,000 or Best Offer!


Kargatane Kard- 50,000

Mace of the Sun-20,000
Deep Shadow Strikex2-15,000 for the pair
Darkest Night-10,000
Minstrel's Delight-4,000
Dark Sister's Offering-4,000
True Wit-4,000
Wave of the Green Dragon-4,000
The Wailing Blade-3,000

Elephant Gun-40,000
E Pluribus Unum-20,000
The Holy Gavel-8,000
Goblyn Spear-8,000
Herbert's Bronze Handaxe-3,000
Hammer Belenus-2,000


Mechanics Dire Mace-10,000

Miscellaneous Things:

Anatomists Compendium, Annotated-500,000 or Best Offer!
Magicians Fanfare-20,000
Reinforced Torch-3,000
Witchfire Torch-300

Special Packages:

Holy Knights Special Package! This package includes a Banner of the Lost Crusade! A Helm of the Fallen Knight! One Shattered Shield! a Moonfriend Ring! and last but not least Gauntlets of the Fallen Paladin! all this for only 50,000! quite a steal.

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Re: Gar's Shoppe of Magical Wondrousness!
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[The notice inside the Mutinied Sailor is taken down by a Gendarme]
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Re: Gar's Shoppe of Magical Wondrousness!
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[Taken Down]
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