Author Topic: At the signpost beside the Proclamations of Gundarak  (Read 353 times)

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At the signpost beside the Proclamations of Gundarak
« on: August 14, 2023, 11:13:00 AM »
To the Voice and the Gundarakite Rebellion

You are not freedom fighters, you are not even heroes, and you are definitely nothing better than what it is you hate most. I do not condone the use of a child's life to make an example. If it was so valued, why did you not sacrifice yourself in its stead. Now a young life is gone never to see the ages of adult hood. Perhaps in a way it was merciful for if it were to grow it would be aware of the perpetual cycle of hatred you embellish along with your villainous partner.  Perhaps if you had turn back to Dementlieu that life would maybe not have ended.

As you noted "Once ours" once is something that long ago belonged but no longer. You now invade the lands of the new owner but instead of offering any form of peaceful negotiation or diplomacy you offered violence. Especially after the amount of war like violence shared years ago when you begged the Dementlueise Parliament for aid knowing you encourage another nation of the Core to help you fight for independence. I won't get into those details as that is not the point. The point is how does one call out a Paladin and another a Villian when one has done similar atrocities and mistakes.

You say it was inevitable, but this could have been avoided if one of you gave up yourself for the child in an act of heroism and the greatest sacrifice. Anyone could have stood up and said no yet none took part in stopping. We are all at fault for the child's death we are all responsible for the greatest lost to this fake war. You allowed your enemy to use a child by continuously provoking the bear and you expected it not to retaliate. Two returned lives do not constitute for the lives lost thus far or the war that was brought and ended. You think the von Zarovich would forget or simply look the other way from Berez.

Many do not believe the first war, and many do not wish to remember. Please I beg you to not trouble the innocent souls of Ezra and those of Barovia and Gundarak no more with your pursuit of hatred. Violence only bigot violence and an innocent life paid the ultimate price for your works.  You say it is not propaganda and you would not manipulate the innocence of youths but how many young men and women of gundarak have you convinced to this Violent crusade without the consideration of your fellow Gundarakites and their views and opinions especially when abandoned by the Black Army and left to suffer in the wake of your loss and mistakes.

"The Ezrites Watched" I watched as you lay massacre to your own people in Berez and reported such to your own people and the Church. I watched as your Duke and Leader saw the infighting of Berez and put people down. You cannot call sin if you cannot claim your own. I watched as a friend wept at the loss of her people and faith betrayed by the very people who made her empty promises. I offered my aid in centrist belief when Invidia invaded your camp, and our mutual friend asked me to help bring resources for the camp, I did so in good faith regardless of your cause. I did so not for Black Army or the Liberty of Gundarakbut because good souls' lives were endangered, and they deserved better. As jaded as you become, I know deep inside the intellectual I knew can and will do better than this.

Life is unfair, it can be cruel, but once you become that which you hate what is left of the pursuit of liberty when we are jaded and hateful as the enemy we face. To ask someone to not take up in the structure then do not ask them to take up in any structure. With great freedom comes great responsibility. To ensure freedom you must permit free will. The worth of Freedom is in the self-worth in finding it yourself and sharing it with others equally. Any group offering freedom, or demanding it of you, come bearing slavery. All causes have chains whether they are shackles or causes to carry it is how you lift and remove them puts value to the cause.

People were freed once. Freedom first had to be valued after the cruelty of our fellow beings upon us before we could demand it. For we do not know freedom until it is taken. We could die this day you should strive to do your best and do all that is good. War can place its soot upon you but washed away do not forget what you are fighting for and the values to your fight. Once you have tossed away diplomacy did you ever consider diplomacy in the first place when you had taken the lives thus far?  You cannot call upon the markings of one when your own markings are tarnished from what they once were.

You are jaded. You spread misinformation as equally as those that you claim. Bare facts. Iron out truths with your rivals. Let us work together not in hostility anymore and try to find a better solution. Let go of the past and for this child's soul make a better future without the violence of war. End this cycle of hatred to hatred. You call yourself a soldier and hero of the people then be that and not some bloodstained fool on empty promises. Stop calling others and fix yourself and show us the real soldiers of Gundarak many had come to admire.

Misled freedom is not a crime. But it will cost lives. I hope the past and present weighs heavy for you. All the lives upon your hands you taken and the lives you left to be taken. It is not an easy thing to bear. If you could have easily slain Garda and bomb a statue, I could not fathom why you could not have all rushed to the Outskirts to save these children. You would ask others to bend a knee to aid you, yet you have committed equal atrocities in the name of liberty. Falsehoods of good deeds that caused the lives of faithful and folk alike. If you are genuine for your need of aid, then prove it to them and us that you can repent for your crimes to the people of Gundarak and those you have wronged.

When the day comes, I will hope to discourage you from your hurdling spire to violence. I will stand against your injustice to both people of Barovia and Gundarak.  I prefer Legion but it is clear to me now you will only bring more death and destruction in your pursuit of false justice. I do not condone the other sides actions either. And if i must impede them to save them from themselves so, be it. If it can save either of you from a wrongful death I will try. In the name of Erzebet Varga and her people I will try to save the lives of what she loved most from themselves. She who loved both the Gundarakites in her blood and the Barovians she respected who did her no harm.

The Voice. If you would like to meet and speak with me, I be most grateful to hash out all we have opposed. May you be patient with me and preserve my life as you show earnest to preserve life as you believe. Let us meet at a known place of fair ground. Send letter to me at Trusty Ox and I will speak with you in how we may go forward. Please do not be like him and do no trouble those of Ezra or the good people of Gundarak, Barovia, and the Outskirts no more. Their lot is difficult enough without you adding more to their difficult lives.

sincerely, Al
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."


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Re: At the signpost beside the Proclamations of Gundarak
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2023, 02:14:07 PM »
Your writing is long-winded and tedious. You would do well to learn brevity, and get to the point, as you lack the talent to turn your rambling prose mellifluous.

Concerning the moral and intellectual worthiness of your scribblings, since you praise Varga, I shall inform the rest of your unfortunate readers (who, conversely, must be resilient indeed to have digested your cud) that Varga was a Nerullite, servant of a god of Death and Trickery. You are therefore either a misguided dupe, or a lying servant of evil yourself.

If the former, may I sincerely recommend that you commit yourself to the trade of rag and boot polish rather than that of quill and ink? It would be a better fit for your meagre abilities.

“Moral wounds have this peculiarity - they may be hidden, but they never close; always painful, always ready to bleed when touched, they remain fresh and open in the heart.”
― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo