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OCR and Outcasts (OCR Explainer)
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What is OCR?
Outcast Rating (OCR) is a tool for measuring with how much distrust and suspicion NPCs treat Player Characters. Many factors go into calculating OCR, and it has many impacts on how NPCs react. Having a lower OCR means you are received better. At high OCR, you will be met with open hostility.
Characters have an OCR rating for each Domain, as each has a different culture that impacts how they relate to outsiders. PCs also maintain different Reputations in different Domains.
OCR is an incomplete system and cannot replicate every aspect of a living world. Regardless of what your OCR number says, or how they’re scripted to respond (or not), please remember to treat all NPCs as if they were real people.

How OCR is calculated.
Appearance + Reputation + Global + Charisma Modifier + Influence Modifier

- Appearance is determined by a character’s race, though some prestige classes and templates also increase it.
- Reputation is raised by attacking and frightening NPCs, or by behaving in a way that is counter to a Domain’s cultural norms.
- Global is an extra category for DM use, for when a character’s OCR needs to be adjusted in some other way.
- Charisma Modifier either increases or decreases OCR, depending on whether it’s positive or negative.
- Influence Modifier either increases or decreases OCR depending on whether it’s positive or negative. 6 points of Influence = 1 point of Influence Modifier.

OCR Reaction Table
0-3    Excellent
3-6    Positive
6-11   Neutral
11-16 Negative
16+   Hostile 

Sithicus Reaction Table
4     Outsider
8     Vagabond
12   Anathema
16+ Severed

Things OCR affects:
  • NPC conversations and dialogue.
  • Access to certain jobs and facilities like Rentals.
  • Merchant and Banking prices
  • In Sithicus PCs are increasingly shunned, represented by higher costs, reduced access to services, and abusive dialogue. At high OCR characters will be complete pariahs.

OCR and Race/Subrace/Template/Origin
Each Domain has a different attitude towards race, subrace and origin, though there are some general trends.
  • Humans have lower OCR than nonhumans, except in Sithicus, where all outsiders are treated with much the same distain regardless of race.
  • Many subraces and templates have increased OCR, notably – Draconic Ancestry, Feytouched and Half-Vistani.
  • Native PCs, or PCs with an origin culturally associated to a Domain (such as Mordent to Dementlieu), have a lower OCR.
  • Barovia, Blaustein and Har’kir are particularly xenophobic or insular, and have a stronger dislike of outsiders than Dementlieu and Hazlan.

Some Races and Subraces are so monstrous that they will never be accepted in civilisation, regardless of their OCR number. These are usually referred to as ‘Outcast Races’ or ‘Outcasts’, and applies to the following:
  • Half Orc / Caliban and all subraces thereof.
  • Umbragen
  • Drow
  • Duergar
  • Frost Dwarf
  • Fey’ri
  • Fire Gnome
Tieflings and Aasimar may also be considered Outcasts if their traits are especially inhuman – ie, goat legs, wings, glowing eyes etc.

The following are also considered Outcasts, and cannot be amongst civilisation regardless of OCR:
  • PCs that have been banished.
  • Pale Master at class level 6 and above.
  • Dragon Disciple at class level 9 and above.
  • Most Undead (A)MPCs
  • Characters with exceptionally monstrous appearances (wings, goat legs)

Other things that effect your OCR
- Universal
  • Attacking, hurting or being caught stealing from NPCs.
  • Casting powerful offensive spells.
  • Being polymorphed into a dangerous animal or monstrous form.
  • Being witnessed feeding (Vampire, Ghoul, Voracious).
  • Palemaster or Dragon Disciple PrC (scales with level).
  • Having glowing eyes (Monk level 20).
  • Being marked as an Outcast (through banishment or otherwise).
  • Some Curses and Dark Power Gifts
  • Adjustment by DMs
- Barovia
  • Using most forms of magic that aren’t healing.
  • Being seen with most types of Familiar.
- Blaustein
  • No special OCR conditions implemented.
- Dementlieu
  • Wearing heavy armour.
  • Casting Necromancy spells.
  • Casting spells as a Sorcerer or Hexblade
- Ghastria
  • No special OCR conditions implemented.
- Har’Akir
  • No special OCR conditions implemented.
- Hazlan
  • Being a divine spellcaster not worshipping The Lawgiver
  • Being an arcane spellcaster and not a member of the Red Academy
  • Having the Blooded Template and in Red Academy Faction uniform (reduced)
- Sithicus
  • Being a class that is not traditionally accepted.
  • Having draconic ancestry or worshiping draconic deities.
  • Being from Krynn.
  • Casting Necromancy Spells

Outcast Areas
Within many Domains there are pockets of acceptance. It is impossible to exhaustively list every single location that it's acceptable for Outcasts to be in. As ever, we rely on players to use their best judgement, and if in doubt ask a DM. Below is a list of examples. Remember - a character can still be barred of ejected from an outcast-friendly location based off their actions or reputation.

Places where Outcasts are permitted:
  • Vistani Camps
  • The Drain
  • The Black Market
  • The Thieves Highway
  • Keep of the Dyad

Places where Outcasts might be tolerated. The more monstrous (or heinous) your character, the less welcome they'll be:
  • Morninglord Temples
  • Berez Underground
  • Jhurgen's Camp
  • Krofburg Tent City
  • Village of Barovia Hidden Temple

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