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Yellow Cloak Publications
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Done in obvious typeface from a printing press, this little 'news' leaflet is done with the obvious intentions of making large claims while remaining almost completely anonymous. These are placed in several portions around the Core, but clearly laid around the Vallaki area. This includes immense claims, and illicit, dangerous things to speak of. The author is provocative, and clearly speaks as a 'free thinker', as it's phrased.

Yellow-cloak Publications absolutely endorses the articles and topics featured, as nobody should be a second-class citizen or have their voice silenced within the country of their birth. All men are born equal, and all men die equal.

Have a story? Give anonymous tips and submissions addressed to the 'Yellow Cloak' in the Keep of the Dyad.


In vain attempts to control the flow of Gundarakites who openly oppose being treated lesser, the ever-infamous Vallaki Garda has gone to the point of outright documenting citizens to try and pre-emptively make arrests and plant contraband to bring up the numbers to attempt to garner promotions in their backwards system of law. While it isn't unknown at all that the hate-driven Garda of the Grey City have always been opposed to even the most normal, hardworking Gundarakite and Outlander, this only takes things steps further. Like with all hatred, documentation comes first-- Promptly, extermination. It may seem harmless for Outlanders as it is, but their distaste is known- What comes next? Pitics? Caliban? Forcing all Outlanders to register their name in a giant black book to immediately call upon?

This sort of profiling begins harmlessly with only one class of peoples, but will quickly spread to the rest.

Barovians may love their lists, but it is clear this is merely one step further for the brutal men in charge. Let us pray that the Gundarakite families injured by this abuse of power a better fortune, and hope that the many swords for hire in Vallaki come to their senses and refuse the horrid treatment from local authorities.


It is no mystery to any that there are several groups of freedom fighters out there- Not long ago, we had a call for Outlanders to gather arms and impose as militia against the rule of local authority by Vallaki. The Outskirts, practically it's own state separate but ruled by the Citadel's personal hounds, attempts to be taxed even further by the current Lance Corporal 'Mitica Lacusta'. Thankfully, not all feel the way he does.

By the interpreted word of one anonymous Garda patrolman (whom we shall not name for their own safety), we learn from this source that their uptick in direct paranoia, long lined searches, and use of nightly creatures against the Outlander population is a direct scheme against the community from beyond the natural Mists of Vallaki. After all, an obedient population is easier to tax, and not only that- Easier to enforce. Our source had claimed that Mitica was enraged by the fact that people had so flippantly ignored the recruitment sign, and thus chose in his rage to begin lining people up for the sake of making everyone suffer for such a digression.

How the man made it to Lance Corporal, we'll never know. Any level-headed adventuring party and Outlander should be advised not to be in the presence of Garda as their crackdowns intensify, lest they be hit with a charge of a crime they've never done in an attempt to extort adventurers, as is also reported to often occur with the Lance Corporal. At the same time? Maybe he takes bribes.


Recent declarations by supposed authority of the monsters, the 'Slum Rat', imply protection for the most harmed people's amongst Barovia- Namely Twists, Caliban, and Gundarakites. While that is noble itself, the recent fiend (usually reported as a Wererat) is often declared to have done senseless murder, but only of specific peoples- Namely Barovians.

While notions of Werebears and the ever-famous construct (and well documented by the great Vallaki Review, a running sister publication of free speech) Evenin' still loom, the great Wererat we deem as the 'Sewer-guardian' seems to be taking the spotlight of the full Moon as several nights of carnage have ensued, the death-toll of local Barovians rising to well above ten, including the decapitation of two Garda enforcers.

It is difficult to call their actions one of the people's hero, considering the nature of Wererats and what is written in Barovian-illicit tomes, such as the 'Method of the Kill' by the famous Jean Renaud, back in 775. Despite that, there clearly seems to be some notions of humanity as it protects avidly, it's territory, before it goes on massive sprees to harm adventurers and cityfolk alike, helping to further destabilize the Vallaki area as it falls into further turmoil. It is hard to say what is to blame for the creation of such beasts- Merely bad blood between the locals of the Barovian countryside, turmoil of Outlanders, or perhaps even just infection. Regardless, readers, I ask you take great care- Leave such beasts be less to save your fellow man (discounting the local law, of course- They're doing their job) and allow forces equipped for such things handle such matters, such as the Wayfarers Kinship.


We've all met the whimsical Vikkar, haven't we? A stout man, grey eyes, facial hair? Perhaps you'd recognize him by his large red tabard and iron cross, bearing the mark of the great Tyrant- No, of course, not the one of Barovia, but instead the wretched god of Hazlan's state enforced religion.

In an attempt to curry favor and openly push for a church to be emplaced within Berez, a town previously occupied during the war two years ago, the Vikkar and his compatriots have sought to completely win over the authority within the town and its militia by not only bowing fealty and kneeling before the Burgomistress; But hunt down Gundarakite freedom fighters. Known for their reputation already of branding, horrid torture, and being accessories to Red Wizards, this shouldn't be shocking news to reading eyes.

But it may very well be. So allow me to explain, reader, a simple fact: The Lawgivers do not believe in free marriage- Their church forbids marriage between different ethnicities or races. They do not compromise to Balok, or Luktar; Instead, they enforce all scripture and rite be done in the invading language of Vaasi. Not only that, but any sort of disobedience to their church within the lands of Hazlan would end in misery and far less than even a trial- Perhaps, in this sense, it would make sense why the Vikkar gets along with the Barovian locals so much.

Think twice before trusting such a man. Nothing comes well of establishing another base of power for a faith that only believes in its supremacy, especially one that is openly helping participate in genocide and scalping just to garner some favoritism with local populations. Outlanders are advised to keep away from this dangerous individual, and deny whatever estranged and esoteric offers for power he may offer.

Without readers like you, we would not be able to report on such dangerous topics. Without any formal sponsorship, the Yellow-Cloak Publication is entirely independently funded and fueled by free thinkers.

For every story or topic submitted, one ILLICIT and INTERESTING book will be re-printed as a bonus in our paper-- Feeding knowledge to the people that tyrannical forces would like to deny exists.

// Placed ingame in several areas.
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