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Author Topic: Out of the shadows and into the light  (Read 518 times)


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Out of the shadows and into the light
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Full Name: Nim Do'ani
Gender: Male
Body: Thin/Willowly
Scent: Lavender & Exotic Smoked Herbs
Height: Short
Weight: 176lbs
Hair: White
Hair: Short & Unkempt
Eyes: Amber/Honey
Lips: Full
Skin: Dusky Tanned
Voice: Meek/ Fearful
Age: Young
Race: Drow
Home: Homeless
Languages: Common, Drow

Character Theme Songs

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Re: Out of the shadows and into the light
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Update (6/15/23)
A drow of soft features and nervous energy, Nim seems to shy away from crowds and prefers to keep himself apart from others. Most noticeably he seems to have a rather strong adversity to woman. Constantly repositioning himself to keep at a distance from them and seems to grow visibly uncomfortable when they press into his personal space.

A small lithe figure was hidden behind a large oversized coat. Several sizes too large it hangs off his willowy frame, giving him the illusion of being bulkier at a glance. Dark ashen slim fingers peek out past the sleeves, the lower half of his face, neck, and collarbone area also on show displaying his dark ashen flesh. Around his neck rests a loose collar-like ornate piece of jewelry of drow origin.

Update (6/13/23)
A delicate silver thread hung from Nims left ear. An amethyst stone hanging from the end. The gem was highly polished and cut to reflect and catch the light to make it shimmer with inner refracted light whenever it caught a source of light.

A pair of large silver-framed glasses rested on the bridge of his nose. The large lenses filled his face. Their size and weight occasionally caused them to edge down the bridge of his small nose. Forcing him to push them back up unconscious of the nervous trait.

Update (6/14/23)
A multi-banded gold ring set with various purple stones rests on his middle right finger. Often twisting the ring with nervous energy.