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Author Topic: A book bound in skin and bone.  (Read 377 times)


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A book bound in skin and bone.
« on: June 10, 2023, 02:18:34 PM »
An old written speech:

"...Within the Sisters, we believe in the first mother. She bore children to fill the world with life, though the men grew jealous and killed all her firstborns. Since then, the sisterhood protected the first mother and kept her anger within their hearts.
Even if the first mother is gone her children remain and we keep her beliefs and traditions alive as her spirit lives on as our ancestor. To protect and love and embrace us.

So says I, Great Mother Agatha.

As sisters, we must remember the sin deep within the male's blood. The sad truth about our counterpart that we must live with. Though do not fret my sisters, we are safe within the natural protection of this mire. You are safe under my watchful eye because sadly, my sisters and mothers. We are no longer safe beyond the marsh. The older of us remember we remember the fires, the angry sinful people who know little of the world. Thus we must stay in here for THEY revile us as monsters. Though we know more than they, we still remain!

So says I, Great Mother Agatha!..."


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Re: A book bound in skin and bone.
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Lovely written recipes from the Sisters of the Mire:

"This ferment is only used for special occasions but the sour ferment can be used for anything"

Special Clay ferment
This is a description of how the sisters would make an alcoholic drink.
1 part honey
1 part mashed fruit [paw paw fruit or wild berries]
1/2 part ground rice
fill with fresh clean rainwater to fit in a clay pot.
then leave it until it stops foaming.
If turned sour, keep it, it will be used for other things.

"let ol' mother Maggie show you a nice way to feed your daughters"
Black meat stew

An animal's worth of fresh blood
cut meat [be it deer, boar, or alligator]
cut up bits of flower root
A clay pot of sour ferment
and herbs found in your personal garden.

 mix ingredients in a clay pot, and boil until the meat is tender and cooked with the flower root. At fresh herbs and cook for a few moments until the herbs wilt, serve.

"This is another way to use fresh blood, hunting sisters can also keep it in their bags while wadding around for prey"
Black pudding

Fresh blood
cooked rice
The stomach of an animal
herbs found in your garden

Fill a clay pot with water and then boil over the fire. As you are waiting, get your animal's stomach and wash it with fresh water. Take a vine and tie the end. Then stuff it with rice and herbs and pour the fresh blood inside and tie the other end with the vine.
The water should be at a boil. Now drop all the stuffed stomachs in the water till fully cooked. The blood and rice should be thick and stiff when ready.

Fish Mush

Small fish
Mash the fish
put it in bowl
The bones are good for you.


Dry the flower root and then grind it on stone until it is a powder
two handfuls of honey
water, not too much just enough till it is a soft solid.
use your hands to stir into a ball.
Then pray to your guiding mother to gift you with a rise.
Once done: take the ball and put it in a clay pot to bake. don't be afraid to line the pot with animal fat.
The bread is done when it is hard-soft.

Berry mush

Mash them
put it in bowl
You can add it to the fish mush.

Mushroom mush
put it in bowl

The above recipe is stricken with a note below it:
"Mother Mel, please, we don't need any more mush recipes."

"This recipe was sent from the Sisters of the Wood"

Sweet berry soup

Wild berries found in your region [a variety is lovely and healthy]
fit fulls of honey
a bit of water

You mash the berries and then add the honey. You boil it until thick. You can eat it as is or with fresh bread. You can also add it with sour ferment to make a drink, or with tea.