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Author Topic: ...But She Never Died- The Revival Of Avana Larcosa  (Read 290 times)


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...But She Never Died- The Revival Of Avana Larcosa
« on: May 13, 2023, 10:25:45 PM »
A Sudden gasp

No. Please. No.

Coughing, damp grass below a weighted body. Pristinely cleaned white armor glowing vibrantly on cursed dirt.


A woman of white hair awakens. She's been here before. She never left. But something took her. Something erased her from this world, right? Is that what happened?
A few paniced breathes as she accounted for her body parts, and a hastful stammer to her feet. The sounds of common drumming once again ringing in her ears.
"I'm in Barovia, somehow." she'd rush forward to the muted camp.
Past the camp, to the nearest printed paper.


Dread slowly swallowing the woman as she calculates the time in her mind.
"Three Years. Three years the mists had swallowed me back up?"

No doubt, everyone who knew her, everyone who had allowed her to borrow strength from, all those who relied on the knight to protect- They'd surely be dead, or missing.
A woman without a purpose, To create one. To become the light of Torm once more.

"Everyone. I will save everyone."

She'd begin to walk back to the outskirts. As long as she breathed, she would still be the White Flame of Torm. She would still try to save this broken world.
"What mattered the most, was remembered the least."