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Community Council Elections 2023 Results
« on: March 25, 2023, 07:50:17 AM »
Salutations all fellow mist-dwellers!

The community council elections for player-player representatives are now over. Thank you to all that decided to run and all the rest of you who took your time to vote.

These are the four player-representatives you've chosen to represent you in the coming term:

Forum account: Bloodless
Game login(s): bloodless, charmcaster
Characters played: Athaulf, Caius Antonius (closured), Medb Neasa

Forum account: Branchie
Game login(s): Branchie
Characters played: Melian Orne-iel, Alice Catherine (Closured)

Forum account: Chadyo
Game login(s): Chadyo/Sympire/ICastGreaterDisconnect>
Characters played: Atuar of Omu, Actastus Kolya, Isabella von Khorvich, Alekxandru Garguilovich.

Forum account: Drekavac
Game login(s): Chaoshawk, Vasya Sarukina
Characters played: Vasya Sarukina

* Note: MatticusCeasar joined the DM team during the period and therefore became ineligible, despite being in the initial top 4 pick. Consequently, the seat was passed to the next in line.

The exact results will not be posted here, but for the sake of transparency, if any of you who ran would like to know the exact amount of positives and negatives you received, please just send me a PM and I'll pass it to you.

To the four people above, the server teams look forward to working with you, both returning and new. For the new members, you will be granted access to CC forums and Discord shortly. Those now retiring will keep their access for a few weeks to help you get into how things work.

To everyone else, keep these names in mind and use them whenever you have concerns, questions or remarks that you have regarding the community that doesn't pertain to outright rulebreaks or IC story elements (which should generally be directed to the DM team). Make use of them for your own benefit but also that of the community as a whole, so that frustrations, disagreements and mischief are dealt with before it evolves into bigger issues. It is a tool for community communication, diplomacy and coherence that we should all take advantage of in the process of making the community a better place for all to be a part of.

Soon we will put up a poll for your DM and developer representatives (provided that enough candidates enlist to have a proper election), as well as do our elections among the developer and DM teams.

On behalf of the server teams,


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Re: Community Council Elections 2023 Results
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2023, 04:00:17 PM »
All the remaining elections have now been held and we now have the full list of community council members for the coming period. Please give a warm welcome to:

DMs' player pick:

Forum account: SevenStormStyle
Game login(s): Catherine
Characters played: Asariel Mina'stellyr, Nyssa Then, Belle Virga

Developers' player pick:

Forum account: Anastian
Game login(s): Anastian
Characters played: Almerino Delafuerte Delmar, Thuzmoc Rockfeller, Franco Calibardo (Shelved), Bartak Ardson (Shelved)



Herkles (players' pick)



DM Indolence

DM Miskatonic

DM Monolith

* only three DMs enlisted as candidates and so were picked by default.