Author Topic: Notice nailed beyond the first well entrance in the Sewer of Vallaki  (Read 446 times)

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Barovian Forgiveness

The faith of Pazreal despite the patience and consideration of the local Vallaki Community and its native people, you have found yourself to see fit to stand above the law and our community to pass judgement beyond your station. You are aware there are two local religions to the Barovian Community of Vallaki. Those of the Sprig faith Ezra and those of the Sun the Morning Lords. The Mist Maiden and Dawn Father have long been faiths in the country of Barovia and both are seldom followed or believed in by the Barovian people. What makes you think Pazreal is some exception when other alien, foreign, and outlander faiths do not press upon the people of Barovia as you have. I am sorry you feel ostracized and vandalize for your faith. But you seem to neglect importantly the culture and country you are in.

You are strangers to us and alien. Not to mention other faiths from realms as ridiculous as Feyrune, Krynn, Waterdeep, and other preposterous foreign lands do not emphasize their ways as some consider the fact they are in a foreign land and those that do tend to find themselves disputing with the Garda or the locals and ending in a cell. I cannot emphasize to you the childishness your response to your censure of your faith when you have not even offered the courtesy to understand our faiths, pride, and country. Though despite your slights to post your letters at the pass of curfew, no priest to discuss with us during the day, and the fact you find yourself with a temple in a place that is well known to be a denizen for those undesirables we have left in peace as long as our surface is not disturb place into question how truly is the peace of Pazreal?

If this filthy alien god is at all of succor and delight, why have you gone below to a place well known even by your fellow aliens and outlanders to be a place not meant for the righteous or just. I can respect a foolish priest going into the den of lions to see if he can tame one. Afterall someone down there will consume you or someone will listen. And I need not explain this but seems I must they too have their ways and culture and I do not think they take kindly to be disturbed or brought out as they dislike the interest of the surface. You shatter the little peace we have between both communities by this shameless outreach without consideration of either’s culture or place.

There is but one God Barovians acknowledge and respect. He is the one whose succor permits you this idiocrasy and many foreigners, outlanders, and alienists to thrive in our country with his utmost patience and grace. That god is Count Strahd. Ruler of his lands and sovereign of his domain. To harass his people and vassals of his charge is an afront if not a mistake and offense to the kindness and temperament our beloved Count has offered you foreign and alien mindset freaks. If you believe so much in forgiveness, then forgive the transgression upon you and cease your childish antics of pushing more of your notary and be content in the space you claimed and the people you claim to help. We do not believe in Pazrael and most whimsical gods and deities from lands of fantasy and shining cities. If you are so desperate to call fourth those to follow perhaps a more multi-cultural nation such as Dementlieu would welcome, you.

I hardly think many here are so helpless and lost to notice the mild attempts to push your faith and you should take example and mild your tone as the others of foreign following. You encroach in standing above your station in our country which is against the law. As one of those servants in the noapte hidden and hardly seen you should refrain from associating anything with Olde Noapte. Her children are not kind to those that trespass upon her and as a local it be wise to not entice such things to our homes. I forgive you for your trespass on our Garda for doing their duty for your ignorance of the hardship they endure and the work they must do. Sons and Daughter’s of Barovia who are bound by law and order to follow the culture and ways of Barovians should not be chastise be grateful they did not punish you or place a bounty upon your heads. To chastise them is to chastise all of Vallaki and its denizens is an afront. And from a place known to us below that if you were or were not aware holds concern for us is not welcoming to us of your god. So, I ask you diminish your notices from our city and take heed like the Vallaki Review. Forgive yourselves for your trespass and apologize to the Garda and the people of Vallaki. For if you truly believe in your own succor and grace of Pazrael you should ask that thing for forgiveness for your trespasses on your fellow man and his possible servants. It should be an offense to him that you so fail in succor and grace that you tarnish his name. For where does a faith cry out foul when they have fouled a people? You twist your words and play victim you are not. Cease being a victim and be a true faith that does not seek pity and know the lay of the land and its people before you preach and find yourself cast to pyre for transgressions. Learn from your fellow alien and foreign priests and consider the most alien church that of this Christ to be an example of how successful a church of alien origin can be among the community of Vallaki and take lesson from them.

Take heed with knowledge hence forth that the Pride of Barovians will not be shattered by the likes of foreigners, outlanders, rebels, or alien faiths. If you serve the denizens below so be it serve them but know we do not welcome those below for reasons are our own as they do not welcome us above for reasons of their own. Do not cause strife between our peace and do not cause strife for those of Vallaki. For even they below may not welcome us they too are Vallakian and must be respected of their Pride and Ways. Even though we above and below oppose we can agree on one thing “Do not disturb our peace and tranquility.” Less you find yourself on the edge of our ire.

Now go pray to your puny god. Seek his forgiveness. Seek the forgiveness of the people you have transgressed. And know that you only have lowered the name of Pazrael upon the mouths and brows of those who speak and listen. Redeem yourself and have pride in your god and do not shame him any further. For if Pazrael is true raise him as you would yourselves and do not fail again in causing slight to those you seek to gain favor what is the point of offering succor and aid if you fail to listen to those whom you have slighted? Be better than your cohorts about you and be better for Vallaki if you truly care. Then maybe just maybe you may have our forgiveness.

Valentin Krezkov,
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."