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Author Topic: A journal soaked in Blackwater  (Read 353 times)


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A journal soaked in Blackwater
« on: March 12, 2023, 12:31:14 AM »
If you know the name Blackwater then you most likely know three things-
There is a fable behind the name, the name is cursed, and every last one of them cheats at cards.

The Fable speaks of the very first Blackwater. A young Captain sailed a ship called the Lady's Nocturne. His life was perfect, having a family at home and an empire of trade.
It was no surprise that it did not last. With greed in their hearts men with dirtied hands ravaged the Lady's Nocturne and overpowered the Captain. They hoisted him to the main mast to force him to watch his crew be sent to the freezing sea to drown and kept him there as they sailed to an unknown island.
Where they trapped him in a small grotto, tied him up, and left him in the darkest pit they could find.
No light dared touch that part of the cave, no warmth to hold him, though something was there. An enchanting voice who whispers to him, tempting him with promises, caressing his ears with company.

That is how it all started, a devil crawling out of the caves and rocks. Man no more, heart filled with revenge.

"Take heed to the one whose blood tainted by traitors for if you step in salty sea, your life will be claimed by Blackwater. For the Lady's song sings for thee, calling its dead from the darkest depths to scratch their bones at your hull. Swallowed by the black mists, all you see will be red eyes staring down at your soul. Your ship now claimed only to be sailed back home...painted red with gore"

The surviving widow and the children fleed their port to escape the want for justice. Though no one dared touch the family who escaped to sea. For their ship was protected by Blackwater.