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Le Théâtre de la Cathédrale Presents: Au parc avec Verinne



--- Quote ---Le Théâtre de la Cathédrale Presents: "Au parc avec Verinne”
A piano Sonata written and performed by Alisaie Goulet

Assistant Manager Alisaie Goulet would like to invite you to the Theatre de la Cathedrale at two in the afternoon on the 18th of Mars for the debut performance of her newest Piano sonata “Au parc avec Verinne” . Admittance will be free for the performance due to the generous patronage of the Viscount de Roissy, The Baronet d’Averine, Maitresse Josephine Perigord and Mademoiselle Mariah Parsons. It is Mademoiselle Goulet’s hope that you all enjoy a lovely relaxing afternoon within the warm inviting walls of Theatre de la Cathedrale.
--- End quote ---

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