Author Topic: Winter 2023 Community Council Elections Have Begun!  (Read 1187 times)


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Winter 2023 Community Council Elections Have Begun!
« on: February 11, 2023, 03:00:41 PM »
The elections for your community council player representatives have now begun. Use the @voting cc command in-game to access the list of nominees.

Before you vote, we'd like to underline how important it is that you do not just turn into a popularity contest or a way of rewarding friends or even talented roleplayers. Try to be disassociated from personal interests when making your vote, and vote for those you feel may best serve the community. What the Council do is mainly mediating disputes and facilitating communication - it isn't like a governing institution, but a counselling and mediating aide for the community. Only and solely base your votes on criteria that you would deem important for this role - such as empathic ability, sense of justice, open mindedness, and ease of understanding. This is what will determine whether or not the Community Council will be a success.

You will get the option to evaluate your disposition toward each candidate in terms of "skeptical", "indifferent" or "positive". Once the voting is over, the four candidates with the best rating will become councilors. The DM team will then pick one candidate and so will the Development team, making it six player representatives in total. Later you will also be asked to pick someone to represent you among both the DM team and the Development team.

The voting booth will be accessible (at least) until the Friday, March 11th, whereafter the votes will be tallied.

Below is the list of candidates. The nominees are welcome to introduce themselves at the designated topic here:

Thank you for reading and taking your time to vote - selecting the most fitting members for the CC is the best way to guarantee that there's always fairness and understanding throughout all parts of the community.

1. Anastian
Forum account: Anastian
Game login(s): Anastian
Characters played: Almerino Delafuerte Delmar, Thuzmoc Rockfeller, Franco Calibardo (Shelved), Bartak Ardson (Shelved)

2. Angelknight13
Forum account: Angelknight13
Game Login: Rafaelus
Main Character: Lila Wenden, Sarah Blake

3. Archfey
Forum account: ArchfeyAlex
Game login(s): Lily Hearthsmith / Strahd's Side Chick
Characters played: Yeira Behzadi

4. Bunnie
Forum account: bunnie
Game login(s): pallor mortis, family feudalism
Characters played: Geneviève Chaboteaux (Active), Camélia de Chauret (Closured), Nàdia Gardinier/Corbeau

5. Bloodless
Forum account: Bloodless
Game login(s): bloodless, charmcaster
Characters played: Athaulf, Caius Antonius (closured), Medb Neasa

6. Branchie
Forum account: Branchie
Game login(s): Branchie
Characters played: Melian Orne-iel, Alice Catherine (Closured)

7. Catherine
Forum account: SevenStormStyle
Game login(s): Catherine
Characters played: Asariel Mina'stellyr, Nyssa Then, Belle Virga

8. Chadyo
Forum account: Chadyo
Game login(s): Chadyo/Sympire/ICastGreaterDisconnect>
Characters played: Atuar of Omu, Actastus Kolya, Isabella von Khorvich, Alekxandru Garguilovich.

9. Chaoshawk/Drekavac
Forum account: Drekavac
Game login(s): Chaoshawk, Vasya Sarukina
Characters played: Vasya Sarukina

10. Cheese
Forum account: cheese tornado
Game login(s): Of Warp and Weft, Red Meat, You slithering monstrosity, Oh god theres so much cheese, Cheesiest of Tornados
Characters played: Marissa Fallieres, Khondar Z'haal, Abigail Arvess, Farenya Sunoril, Killian Roth (closured)

11. Cyberknife
Forum account: Cyberknife
Game logins are: Cyberknife 777, triple and babe with the power
Characters: Benedikte Zugravescu and Sereja Volyakoga

12. Dardonas
Forum account: Dardonas /a dark wind blows/Vallaki Justice
Game login(s):I Bite My Thumb at Thee, cute orc with horns, Volkantir, Beau Monde, Gendarme Dredd
Characters played: Nasir Razthelyk (closured), Adrianna von Khorvich (closured), Éléonore Ambroiseux (active)

13. Daring_Druid
Forum account: Servant of Shar
Game Login(s): Daring_Druid, TheElfMaiden, Wolflover096
Characters Played: Amara (closured), Maya Freth, Amarissa Firecrown

14. Darkthrasher
Forum account: Darkthrasher
Game login(s): Darkthrasher, MDLT
Characters played: Remus Greenbough, Vogul Basinma, Ignis Brimstone, Gareth Rex

15. Dez
Forum account: Desordre; Last Exit to Barovia; Ayachuco!
Game login(s): Diventare, Desordre, Last Exit to Barovia, Ketto kagiya no tsuji
Characters played: Gianna Valentina, Ranata Draghici, Diagoro Katayama, (Sabine) Agatha Renault

16. dutchy
Forum account: dutchy
Game login(s): SaintJock  DeathAngelNL
Characters played: mihas mandruleanu, gurdan granitefist, nichitov dragolov

17. Edward
Forum account: Edward
Game login(s): A player and Vogel Im Kafig.
Characters played: Bes’lyth Dwin’arn’ith, Claudia von Falkenhausen and Vincent de Renault.

18. Holgard
Forum account: Holgard
Game login(s): Holgard
Main characters played: Ramon Bhakul, Caerisius Olivarius (AMPC), Virgiliu Dinescu (AMPC)

19. JayJay
Forum account: JayJay
Game login(s): JayJay
Characters played: Roland Steele

20. Matticus Caesar
Forum account: MatticusCaesar
Game login(s): Matticus Caesar
Characters played: Conner Cunningham, Pristi Feld, Yerrith Greenstone, Gryllus Athens, Remo Fenberry, Angel Fenberry, Bjarna Blitzthorn

21. Meduegna/Birdman
Forum account: Meduegna
Game login(s): Meduegna/Birdman
Characters played: Kaazimir Dvornikov, Katayama Yasutsugi

22. PeleLeekpai
Forum account: PeleLeekpai
Game login(s): Pele Leekpai
Characters played: Piper Banbito [Active], Diot Etheldred [Closured], Feebee Flame-Fueler [Active]

23. Ratte
Forum account: Death
Game login(s): VeraBlue9669, Tohuvabohu, Syrophenikan
Characters played: Gracerath, Atossa Iltazyara, Aleksandria Movila

24. RedMoney
Forum account: RedMoney
Game login(s): RedMoney
Characters played: Rithwarian Luelana, Boris Valeski (closed), Bella Taltos

25. remnar
Forum account: remnar
Game login(s): remnar
Characters played: Ogilvy Wells (aka Yahtzee), Tiberiu Constantine

26. Revenant
Forum account: Revenant
Game login(s): Until It Is Done, Sword Spider, Opulent and Imperial
Characters played: Faustus Vayle, Nathrayne Oussek, Yvain Artois

27. Ringnar
Forum account: Ringnar
Game login(s): Ringnar, Halfin, Elfin, Humin
Characters played: Rose Heathertoe, Rainlily Loneheart, Lunalora Leafsong, Heather Ashwood, Felamdiriel

28. Ryujin
Forum account: Ryujin
Game login(s): Ryujin/Nephros Ekret/Dukgeth
Characters played: Corin Bluespire, Osirion Shivan, Cyrun Mask

29. Skelni
Forum account: Skelni
Game login(s): Skelni
Characters played: Dirge Driftwood, Razik Slepnel, Azaulia Curantus

30. Surreal
Forum account: FinalHeaven
Game login(s): FinalHeaven, Surreal, hahafunnygundarakitename
Characters played: Elias Cal'Raheal, Lucian Varzaru, Rezso Nemeth

31. Tac/Wolfe
Forum Account: TacticalFerret
Game Login(s): Tactical_Ferret, WolfeJob, Lannkitt
Characters Played: Rhalyf Ulastra (Patch), Alastair Wolfe, Colfindir

32. Thorgrim
Forum account: Thorgrim
Game login(s): TheJack
Characters played: Thorgrim Stronghammer

33. ZSRunner
Forum account: ZSRunner
Game login(s): Traveler, Beat Cop, ZSRunner
Characters played: Elspeth 'Tess' Anderburrow, Zaya Corvinus, Nyanka Lukresh

34. Zyemeth
Forum account: Zyemeth
Game login(s): Zyemeth, Spin to Nowhere, Ivaine
Characters played: Oriana Rilyn'ae, Arua Ousseaundlin, Mal'afae Zau'duis
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