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Author Topic: Help test tilesets for the next hak update  (Read 394 times)

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Help test tilesets for the next hak update
« on: February 11, 2023, 04:27:58 AM »
Greetings Prisoners.

In the past few months I and others on the development team have been working on making additions for the next hak update to the server (time of arrival yet to be announced). Part of that has been a number of new tilesets from the custom content NWN community. You can find the specific tilesets in question here:

Keep Interior
Dungeons and Catacombs
Biocity Interior
Senemenela's Interior Tilesets
Versatile Dungeon
Classic Dungeon
Q Castle

The custom content creators for NWN are very talented and hard working, it is a thrill when they share their creations for others to use such as the creators of these tilesets. However, to be sure that what we are adding is of adequate technical quality I need your help to test these tilesets. My primary interest is knowing that the walkmeshes of every tile in each of the tilesets works well. On average these tilesets have around 450 tiles each, and while it is entirely possible to build a module which contains all the tiles, it is extraordinarily time consuming to do. Here is what you can do to help:
  • Download this hakpack and module. Donít use the haks from any of the pages above when testing.

  • Use the NWN toolset to build additional areas of the tilesets in the module with as much variety as possible (the module is called "Tileset Testing  February 2023"). The areas you build should be large to be able to contain as many tiles as possible. Building areas is not necessary for Q Castle or Biocity Interior, those tilesets already have all their tiles placed in the module.

  • When you are finished building, load into the game, go to your new areas and use WASD/clicking to navigate the areas as if you were playing normally. If you experience invisible walls, clipping, going out-of-bounds, or any other form of issues that is exactly what I need to know about.

  • Take screenshots of any issues you discover and share them with me in the appropriate channel in the discord server below. Here is an example:

    Spoiler: show

  • To better help me keep track of which tiles have issues, you can discover the name of the tile by opening the module in the toolset, find the location where you experienced an issue, and hover your mouse over the tile. Below are a couple of screenshots to show where the issues are with the problematic tile in the example above. In this case, there are 2 affected tiles: bci01_c16_01 and bci01_c02_03. This step is not necessary if it is too troublesome.

    Spoiler: show

To help communicate and keeping track of issues, I have made a discord server specifically for this project. You are all welcome to join here:

With your help I will be much more likely to ensure that these tilesets are of high quality so that they can potentially be included in the next hak update of the main server. However, there is no guarantee that any of them will be if the issues are too many. Thank you for being understanding, and for helping improving the chances of making the additions!