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The Gathering In The Kitchen of Eternal Dawn



--- Quote ---  Greetings, folks of Vallaki and The Outskirts! May The Morninglord brighten all of your day. As you all know Sanctuary of Coming Dawn is offering shelter to most people during the night. We need to run some rules to keep this place as a safe, peaceful shelter to those who need it. There are some people who are not aware of the rules of the Sanctuary and some people who are aware but have no knowledge of the reasons for these rules.

 I would like to make a clarification about the Church Policies to explain why such rules exist. After the explanation you all are free to ask questions or make comments about this. This will happen on the evening of the 12th day of the month, in the kitchen of Sanctuary of Eternal Dawn, in The Slums District. During the gathering you all will be served soup that I hope will warm you in these cold nights. Also there will be a donation box to help the poor in Slums. For the donations: only medicine, dried food, clothing, wool, building materials & tools, dolls/toys accepted.

 It's not only about the church policies, we shall share our food, talk, sing and spend the night.

Thy lips be cleansed,

- Dawnspear Arshtat Amakiir
--- End quote ---

// For the date! -

// It will begin in half an hour. 

// It will begin in game dawn!


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