Author Topic: Important Dragon Disciple and Draconic Announcement  (Read 932 times)


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Important Dragon Disciple and Draconic Announcement
« on: February 10, 2023, 08:21:21 AM »
Dear Prisoners,

After several discussions and having mulled over different options, the development team has decided to phase out the dragon disciple prestige class. Over the years, we have made several adjustments to the class, hoping it could find its place within the gothic setting of Ravenloft, but unfortunately its overt monstrous nature and some of its themes were not compatible with the setting as represented on our server. We could have continued experimenting in the years to come but instead have decided it was time to end our support for this class.

However, let me reassure our current dragon disciple players that they will not lose their characters as we will grandfather existing dragon disciples. However, as of this announcement, the Community Council will no longer accept any new applications. Pending applications will be reviewed normally.

In its stead, we are introducing the Draconic Ancestry template, adapted from Races of the Dragon. This template offers a different take on roleplaying a dragon descendant and can be applied to any subrace from selected campaign settings at character creation. However, like the Feytouched template, it will require an application to the Community Council.

Dragon Disciple players that would like to trade their prestige class levels for this new template can contact a DM for a full remake.

The Development Team