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New rules Section - Livestreaming Rules
« on: February 09, 2023, 07:34:43 PM »

After a lengthy discussion and having reviewed the results of the recent livestreaming survey, we have decided to allow the live streaming of roleplay on Prisoners of the Mist. However, these streams (and similar recordings) must abide by the following rules:

- Players should have informed consent about being livestreamed at all times. If that is in doubt or not practical, streamers must stop broadcasting.

- When broadcasting, streamers should activate streamer mode using '@streaming'. Using '@streaming list' will show all players currently streaming.

- Streaming of public roleplay taking place in open areas such as the Western Outskirts, Keep of the Dyad - Arrival, open taverns, etc., is always allowed - consent is assumed in these places. If in doubt, consult a DM.

- Streaming of semi-private roleplay such as whispered conversations, dungeon runs, encounters with monstrous player characters, etc., should only be done with the consent of those present.

- Streaming of scheduled DM and player-run events can be done only with the consent of the event organizer, consent which must be announced publicly ahead of time.

- Streaming of private or secretive roleplay and high-stakes conflict is not allowed.

- Failure to follow the live streaming rules constitutes a rulebreak under General Neglect of the Rules.

Furthermore, we ask people to take into account the following, although these will not be added officially to the rules:

- Roleplay is fluid, and scenes may move from public to private quickly and without warning. We request that streamers make all good-faith efforts to abide by these rules when challenges arise, and if in doubt; stop broadcasting.

- Harassment, metagaming and other rule breaks, if enabled by live streams, will be escalated along their usual tracks.

- Similarly, any harassment of streamers or disruptive behaviour during live streams will not be tolerated.

- DMs may ask a broadcast to be stopped at any time. Failure to do so constitutes a breach under Failure to Follow DM Instructions.

- The reason that we ask streamers not to broadcast secretive roleplay or high-stakes engagement, even with permission of the parties present, is that they are rarely the only parties involved. Just as we ask players to keep spoilers, secrets and recent PVP discussions out of the public Forums and Discord, so we ask to keep them off livestreams.

- We suggest that event organizers put [Streamer Friendly] or similar in their Event announcements (both on the forums and IG notices) to alert attendees to the fact that streaming may take place.