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[Hymns and Poems to the Morninglord by Carmen Albescu]
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[This is a handwritten small book, written by the Barovian peasant known as Carmen Albescu. Decorated with small illustrations of the sun, corners of each page with border filligrees, it was worked on with care.]

[The first page opens up with a foreword of explaining intentions and reason, then the collection of ten poems and hymns are presented.]

||To see how it would resemble in reality, here's a link to the PDF file.||


“I had found myself in a quaint little café in the Quartier Publique of the City of Lights, during my stay. This trip had provided me with solace and respite of unbelievable measures, and it was during a time of calm that I spent in the Voix de L’Âme where the inspiration found me.

I cannot explain how it felt, to wish to put these heart-borne words of mine onto paper. I grew up without faith, and it was only at the beginnings of my adulthood that I came to struggle with the notion of admitting one’s trust and hope onto a Greater, Unseen Being.

But, dear readers, I believe for me, what pushed a Barovian like I to find myself praying to the Morninglord, the Dawnfather during my most desperate hours is that I have begun to feel that he is not an Unseen Being.
We wake up to him every morn, and plead the night passes briskly so His Face can grace us again.

Whether you are a non-believer, a stranger, a faithful of another, the Sun is undeniably there. So my wish is that no matter who you are, this can bring us together and you may enjoy these works of my vulnerable soul.

Thy lips be cleansed.

Carmen Albescu”

The Gardener of the World

Great is the Sun, and wide He goes,
More loving than a mother to a babe,
The kindest hand He extends,
To caress the rose, and to please the child,
Without Him we’re to wither,
Like a land in drought,
The lily in the shade.

Oh, Lord, let your golden fingers slip through,
Through the heavy drapes of my bare, downtrodden home,
Through the mist-laden hills and forests,
Through the sorrow that cloaks our souls,
The most beautiful colour is your golden hue.

So grace us and wash us with your warmth,
For without you we’re to wither,
Like a song existing without a voice,
A love unrequited,
As you’re the Gardener of the World,
And the Gardener of our Souls.


Fright does not claim me,
And my hands, they do not tremble,
Tears I will not allow to fall or drip,
I have everything I need.
Emboldened by Him,
Walking with the Dawn,
Morn guiding my steps…
The Night is a fragile villain,
So I fear not.
Let the days of gloom come,
Let the Darkness attempt,
I need not see!
Long as my soul is brightened by Him,
I walk with the Dawn and the Morn.

Morning Dew

Like the breath in the soft spring,
Your presence is infused by the daffodils,
Petunias, the fair-tulips.
Inscribed in every reflection,
Like the morning dew, dilly-dallying on the petals.
The raindrops knocking on my windows...
The tears caressing my cheeks.
There's no lake or sea big enough where-
it can portray the whole of you.
So I must wander,
And gather every single hue.

Past Midnight

Long last the hours past midnight,
Drawling, groaning, and stubborn.
Night does not wish to give way,
To your wonderful Morn.

Its hands crawl and clutch, but to no avail!
Like every other dusk,
Like every other moon,
Dawn will always prevail.

So Lord, we bow our heads in gratitude…
Hope’s the word on our lips,
On every breath escaping our chests…
Heart aflutter in anticipation,
We long to face the bright sky,
With your graceful elevation.

Most Precious Crown

Golden is the aster,
The coin we call fang…
The Dementlieuse solar!
Or the crown on a noble’s head.
None of it can shine as bright as you do,
Or as warm,
Or as earnest.
Only a dull reflection of your Grace…
Where I stare but cannot feel.
Cold under my fingertips,
And worthless, without your beam.
So world can give me all the gold,
Of the coin, of the flower, of the gem…
But the most precious crown of gold to me,
Is your burning Rays of Hope.

Under Your Gaze

The way is clearer,
When we wake up under your gaze.
Eyes of the warmest gold,
Honey-molten, sweet,
Out of a perfect mould.
The shrubs rejoice at your stroll,
Basking in your glorious rays,
They tell the whole woods about you
-and I love that they spread the word.
Let your message swell and fall out of our lips!
To be heard by the whole world,
By the dark,
The twisted,
So they know no evil can raise,
Under your brilliant gaze.


Oh Lord of Life,
Your Hope is the one that keeps us safe,
In a festering world of uncertainty,
Even throughout moments of strife.
We are all renewed each day by your radiant beauty…
Oh what we would do without you!
Even the shadows quake at your wake.
We pray to try and match your compassion,
Mercy and your forgiveness…
To spread your holiness to all!
So they may know that blooming is not only for the flower,
So the sinner can repent and know the truth,
The lost can turn to the path.
We’re never forgotten as long as you are here.


Devoured by shadows,
We cling to your light.
Conquering the night and turning to the bright.

Now and for always, a perpetual rise,
The noon, your Zenith,
The most beautiful painting is your skies.

Dark will soon be gone.
Night will turn to dawn.
Hope and light will live on…

Now and for always, a perpetual rise,
The noon, your Zenith,
Is the most beautiful prize.

Prayer for the Damned

Lord hear my plea,
For the sinner and the damned.
They are lost and unheard!
The land suffocates all who are without help.
I know your heart is wide and welcoming,
And theirs are dark only because-
The sorrow of this world dared to steal your cleansing.
I beg and pray for them, Father of Dawn,
Allow my voice to rise and reach their ears,
My hands to guide them to their repentance.
They are lost and unheard…
Without hope and so lonely in their dread.
Lord you are the Saviour of Light,
Show them that you are the beacon to their respite.

Into the Dusk

The sky is a blazing red,
Even your leave is muse to the arts.
We say goodbye, oh Illuminated One,
As your beautiful visage fades into the dusk.
Our hearts brimming with gratitude for the day,
Eyes sorrowful to watch you depart.
We know it is not forever,
For it is only you that is unending.
My arms wrap around myself,
As if wishing to capture your last rays.
To keep them burning within me,
Lips speaking of your praise,
Until the next arrival of thee.