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Author Topic: Incoming Community Council Elections 2023 - Nominations and Enlistment  (Read 1361 times)

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Greetings fellow roleplayers and prisoners of the mist,

A new year has arrived and it is once again time to run an election for the Community Council. To those of you unaware of the purpose of this council, it is first and foremost to serve as mediator and generally act as a benevolent force to minimize OOC conflicts and enhance the sense of unity within the community. They are also a link of communication between the different parts of the community, promoting transparency, understanding and awareness of the continuing development of the server, assuring that discordances and misunderstandings are minimized.

It should be made clear that there s no personal benefit or reward for being on the council other than being able to serve the community. Neither is it a position of power and cannot overrule other team decisions, but more so one of advising and mediating. Therefore, to be a suitable candidate, you should not be forceful, strong minded or willed, but consolidating, understanding and wise. A representative will also have access to sensitive information that has the potential to cause an escalation of conflicts within the community, and as such the members need also be able to respect and preserve confidentiality whenever needed. And above all, councillors should always be able exercise respect for all members of the community, regardless of personal biases, in all matters discussed and attended to within the Council.

You can read more about the Community Council by following this link:

If this is something that appeals to you, and perhaps more importantly, if this is something you consider yourself qualified to do, please help the community by enlisting your name/nickname/characters in the topic linked below. If you know others - be it DM, developer or player - that you would consider excellent for such a responsibility, please encourage them to enlist by nominating them there also. Any player, DM or developer nominated must accept the nomination in this thread in order to be eligible.

The window for nominations and accepting nominations will last until we have the opportunity to set the voting booth up, but at least for two weeks. Once the nomination process is complete, we will make another post and then the voting will begin. The Council is composed by 6 (regular) player representatives, 3 DM representatives and 3 Developer Representatives. The players will pick four players and a DM and a Developer, so feel free to also nominate DMs and developers.

(Note that to be eligible for running as Councillor, at least six months must have passed since the end of your last ban if you've had any. Additionally, even if also being players, DMs can only take up DM slots, and developers only developer slots, except if member of both teams, in which case they may run for either, but not player)

Let the nominations begin! You may enlist yourself, or accept or decline as others nominate for you. Use the form in the topic linked below. When the nominations are over, you will be given opportunity to make a representation of yourself if nominated.


Your Community Council


The topic for enlistment and nominations can be found here:
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