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Author Topic: Players' Faction Experience--Questionnaire  (Read 3994 times)


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Players' Faction Experience--Questionnaire
« on: May 09, 2007, 02:56:28 PM »

Faction Feedback

Directions:  Please read over all the questions before providing feedback.  If you have experience with multiple factions, excluding the default outlander faction, please fill out a questionnaire for each faction, or at least the faction that you feel could most use your feedback.  The reason for this is that these questionnaires will eventually be forwarded to the faction DM.  For example, if you have a character in the Sewer Dweller faction, and another character in the Red Vardo Traders faction, you would fill out two separate questionnaires.  When you are finished, please –pm- the questionnaire to an active Player Representative: Iconoclast, Eraldur, or Nefensis.  As always, your time and commitment is appreciated. 


Forum name:
Character name:
Character class:
Character level:

1.   How much experience do you have within this faction?

2.   How did your character become involved with this faction?

3.   What aspect of this faction do you find most appealing? 

4.   With regards to role playing, what is the most challenging aspect of this faction?

5.   Does this faction provide your character with a purpose?  How so?

6.   How has the dm involvement with this faction factored in?

7.   What aspects of this faction’s Dungeon Mastering have been successful?

8.   What can you recommend to the faction DM with regards to improvements?

9.   Has the DM been keeping the faction role play true to the setting and gothic genre?

10.   Are there recommendations for the Development Team for the improvement of this faction?

11.   In regards to story development, where would you like to see either your character or the faction as a whole in the future?

12.   If you could change one thing about this faction, what would it be?

13.   Are there any other issues that have occurred during your faction role playing experience, that you feel should be addressed in the open forums? 

14.   If you have anything of relevance to add not covered in the questions above, please state your ideas here:


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Re: Players' Faction Experience--Questionnaire
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2007, 11:55:23 AM »
[poke poke]

I have some Faction Dms asking for feedback on their faction.  If you can make the time this week to fill out and turn in the questionnaire, that would be peachy. 

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