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Author Topic: Clavicus Umbrax ~ "Penumbra"  (Read 167 times)


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Clavicus Umbrax ~ "Penumbra"
« on: March 20, 2024, 12:05:09 PM »
Aura: "Shadows dance silently"

In the depths of obsidian night, I dwell, a spectral essence woven from the fabric of dusk itself.

 I neither lurk nor skulk in the recesses of mortal perception; instead, I stand as a sentinel of darkness, cloaked in the void's embrace.

Though my form is shrouded in the blackest of hues, I am not a figment born of fanciful tales spun to invoke dread in the hearts of youth. No, I am corporeal, tangible, existing within the realm of tangible reality.

Behold, for I am the manifestation of shadow incarnate, a testament to the undeniable presence of darkness in the world.

My brethren, the Shades, attend to the whispers of twilight, yet a shadow unseen is but a wisp of its true essence.

For shadows, by their very nature, are not veiled from sight; they live and breathe, silent and fluid.

I am the epitome of this silent dance, a specter of madness that moves with the stealth of the night. In my pitch-black visage lies the essence of true shadow, a testament to the enduring reality of darkness in a world awash with light.
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