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A Short Lawgiver Guide (Banites, read up!)
« on: October 25, 2022, 12:34:42 PM »
The Lawgivers
And How to Play Them

The Church of the Lawgiver is a stagnant beast, or at least it has been in its homeland of Nova Vaasa. Order does not look fondly on change, at least change that does not benefit the status quo. Poor in its attempts at missionary efforts, the Vaasi have for many years pushed their faith as a means of spreading their narrow views across the Core.  This, however, has bore little fruit.  Only minute followings have sprouted in other nations, with only Hazlan serving as a seeming success. However, not all is as it seems, and the religion of order is one with growing cracks in its foundation.

The Vaasi (Home) Sect
The most orthodox of the Lawgiver's sects, the sect of Nova Vaasa is known for its seemingly rigid strictures, strictures that are often gleefully used to oppress the masses by the most zealous of their lot. For the law of the Lawgiver is absolute, and absolute law is tyranny. Thus is what is required for the faithful, and all those who dare stand against the will of the church.  The clergy are known for walking hand in hand with local law, and are often sought for their opinions on such matters. Outside of Nova Vaasa, the clergy of the Home Faith are toothless. Their strict adherence to the spread of Vaasi culture and language grants them no friends, and those who seek to break that mold will quickly find themselves visited by the Jernspørgsmålers (the Inquisitors). Practitioners of the arcane are equally reviled, and are hunted with fervor would given the chance. As such, the church lies in stagnation, incapable of spreading its influence and power outside of Nova Vaasa.  Its clergy is often spurned, and the most zealous of them may yet find themselves forced back home. With, or without, their teeth.

The Hazlani Sect
The Church of the Lawgiver in Hazlan, however, seems to be rapidly eclipsing the Home Faith in terms of its successes.  Gaining a following in Immol, a feat previously unfathomed in a non-Vaasi speaking nation, along with its collection of lost artifacts of the church has lead to growing fractures in the power structure of the Church.  Especially with recent changes in the laws of Hazlan, with the Rashemi gaining equality (in theory). As Rashemi clergy begin to be inducted into the Church, the concept of monoculturalism is readily seen as dead in the Hazlani Sect.  More troubling is the very recent, and blasphemous (in the eyes of the Home Sect), interpretation of the place of the arcane arts in society.  The Church of Hazlan sees the arcane as the means in which the Lawgiver originally shaped the universe, but it was Myterri's corruption that tainted it.  As such, only sanctioned arcanists may practice these arts, namely those trained in the Red Academy or authorized by Hazlik himself.  Since this change, members of the Red Academy have been seen visiting the fanes of the Lawgiver, though one wonders if it is out of faith, or something else.  Pragmatists at heart, the Hazlani Lawgivers readily expand their influence and power, leaving some to wonder if they will soon eclipse Nova Vaasa.

In Regards to Bane, and Outlander Followers of Him
While yes, the Lawgiver's true name is Bane, it is forbidden to speak the Lawgivers true name.  Players seeking to play a Lawgiver must know that the Church of the Lawgiver does not function like Bane's cults. Not in the slightest.  Necromancy is forbidden, even divine necromancy.  Necromancy in Hazlan is often quietly ignored, the clergy looking the other way when performed by the Red Academy. However, outsiders will meet a gruesome end if ever spotted performing such arts.  Outright "evil" magic is seen as just that, evil. The Lawgivers do not see themselves as evil.  Look to real life religions from the middle ages if you wish get an idea on how their morality works.  The sacrifice of sapient souls, even non-humans, is forbidden and seen as a wretched practice done only by heathens.

Followers of Bane from Faerun or elsewhere will find no friendship with the Church, unless they turn away from their wicked "heresy" and turn to the light of the Lawgiver. Those who refuse will be labeled heretic, and will meet the same fate of all heretics who refuse to change: death.