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Laws of Hazlan
« on: October 20, 2022, 08:05:37 PM »
I. The divinely appointed ruler of Hazlan is the Red Wizard, Lord Hazlik. His word is the law. His subjects live only by His blessing.


II. Hazlan shall be divided into eight sections, and a Council of Governors shall administer them in accordance with His will.

III. Each of the following territories of Hazlan shall be administered by a vraylok, appointed by Lord Hazlik from amongst the rishads of the noble Mulan. Each vraylok shall sit upon the Council of Governors, accountable to Lord Hazlik.

                i. The city of Toyalis and its immediate environs
ii. The city of Sly-Var and its immediate environs
iii. Nordhazlan, Northern Hazlan, lying between Wizard's Vale, Itu Skoven and Sly-Var
iv. Ufrugtharlan, the Barren Lands, lying North of the Saniset River, excluding Sly-Var and Venificus
vi. Dunlan, the Downlands, lying South of the Saniset River between Toyalis and the Felgmøsge
vii. Gigantsmark, lying Southwest of Toyalis, which shall include the Skraplans and Balinoks
vii. Skyggeskov, the Shadowwood, lying East of the Felgmøsge
viii. Østhazlan, Eastern Hazlan, between Itu Skoven and Hornwood Vale

IV. Venificus and Ramulai and their surrounding lands shall be under the direct control Lord Hazlik alone. No vraylok may claim authority within their environs.

V. Within their appointed division of Hazlan, each vraylok shall be responsible for enforcing the Laws of Hazlan and the edicts of Lord Hazlik, and collecting the taxes of the Rashemi.

VI. The vraylok shall divide their lands amongst their satraps, who shall see to the productive use of their holdings.

VII. The rishad of each Mulan family shall be responsible for taking a census of their kin for the administration of the realm, and conveying a timely account of such to the vraylok of each part of Hazlan in which their family resides. The Council of Governors shall in turn maintain a register of families and their rishad.

VIII. The Rashemi shall pay taxes to the vraylok responsible for the land upon which they reside, the amount to be determined by right of the vraylok to whom their taxes are owed.


IX. A vraylok may deprive a satrap of neither land nor property without due cause. The Council of Governors may do so for any reason.

X. Legal dispute shall be initiated at the behest of a rishad, and arbitrated in the presence of the rishad of each affected family. Remedy shall be decided upon by the vraylok, or those appointed by them.

XI. A rishad shall possess right of appeal to the Council of Governors, who may overrule the verdicts and edicts of any individual vraylok.

XII. A crime against any individual in the employ of a rishad, satrap or vraylok shall be considered a crime against their employer. Remedy may be sought by request of the respective rishad to their respective vraylok.

XIII. A satrap is permitted the right to discipline those in their employ by any such means as they see fit. Should death be the result, sufficient cause must thereafter be rendered to their respective vraylok or representative. No Mulan may be subject to such punishment without the assent of their respective rishad or vraylok.

XIV. A crime against any Rashemi freeman shall be considered a crime against the respective vraylok to whom their taxes be owed. Remedy may be requested by said vraylok, or those appointed by them.

XV. The Rashemi shall be forbidden from receiving an education from any tutor or institution save for the Red Academy of Ramulai.

XVI. The Church of the Lawgiver shall be enshrined as state religion. No organised church nor cult nor religious creed save that of the true Lord shall be tolerated upon Hazlani soil.

XVII. Land shall be leased by the Council of Governors to the Church of the Lawgiver, for construction of Fanes across the land, in which religious services may be conducted. Within the terms of this lease, the Church of the Lawgiver shall enjoy all the rights of any other satrap, with additional dispensation to enforce Hazlani law upon their land.

XVIII. Marriage is a sacrament of the Church of the Lawgiver. Only marriages officiated by His clergy between Mulan with the blessing of the rishad of the spouses' respective families shall be recognised in law. A divorce shall be permitted only by decree of a vraylok.


XIX. Tattoos shall never be scribed upon any surface that is not the skin of a Mulan, under penalty of removal of the tattooist's hand.

XX. The Rashemi shall be forbidden to possess tattoos or to scribe them upon any other individual, under penalty of removal of the offending skin and of the tattooist's hand.


XXI. The practice of arcane magic within the borders of Hazlan is hereby forbidden by all save our Lord Hazlik.